July 03, 2020

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Welcome to home decor dupe utopia. Let me tell you a little about what we do around here: I’m Kendra Found It, and I find designer home decor copycats. What’s a copycat? An item that looks similar, but costs way less. Love that $4,000 Restoration Hardware bed? I got you. Drooling over that Serena & Lily chandelier? I’ve got that too. If you’re on a budget and love decorating, this is the place for you. Today I’ve rounded up five home decor dupes that will save you thousands, so sit back, relax, and let me do the shopping for you.

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1. Restoration Hardware Maison Fabric Panel Bed Copycat

This find was inspired by my own bed! We own Restoration Hardware’s Maison Fabric Panel Bed and I adore it. We purchased it at a deep discount from the Restoration Hardware outlet, so I challenged myself to find a copycat that doesn’t require frequent visits to the outlet and a copious amount of luck. Wayfair’s version is super similar and even includes the intricate detail on the feet. Boom – you just saved $3,000.

This restoration hardware maison bed copycat is everything! I've always wanted a Restoration Hardware bedroom and since I'm decorating on a budget, this is how I can get it! If you're looking for affordable home decor, copycat decor, home inspiration, and home dupes, follow Kendra Found It. #dupe #copycat #lookalike #master #bed #house

Top: Restoration Hardware Maison Fabric Panel Bed, $4,495
Bottom: Wayfair Reclaimed Oak Doyal Upholstered Standard Bed, $1,269 (Queen & King)
Wayfair Reclaimed Oak Doyal Upholstered Standard Bed (Twin)

Alternate Dupes: Prestridge Upholstered Platform Bed, $1,829 Prestridge Upholstered Standard Bed, $1,459 Caudell Upholstered Standard Bed, $1,399 Knollwood Upholstered Standard Bed, $999

Canadian Links: Doyal Upholstered Standard Bed, Queen and King
Doyal Upholstered Standard Bed, Twin Size

2. West Elm Spindle Back Wood Bench Copycat

Windsor benches are having a moment right now, but that can also mean that they come with a hefty price tag. West Elm’s spindle back wood bench makes a statement without screaming for attention, but at $499, the price certainly grabs your attention. Wayfair’s Carnany Wood Bench looks very similar to West Elm’s version, but is at a much more affordable price and comes in black, white, and grey. Bonus: I’ve also included an alternate Target dupe if you’re a Target girl like me.

I love this West Elm Spindle Back bench copycat! This would be the perfect entryway bench and is a little modern farmhouse and a little minimalist chic. I'm redecorating our entire home, so I'm definitley decorating on a budget. Home decor copycats and dupes are the way to go! This bench reminds me of a Windsor bench but is super affordable. #bench #chair #dupe #copycat #house #decor

Top: West Elm Spindle Back Wood Bench, $499 Bottom: Wayfair Carnany Lower Wood Bench, $159 Alternate Dupes: Target Windsor Bench Walmart Jerimiah Entryway Spindleback Bench Canadian Link: Carnany Lower Wood Bench

3. Serena & Lily Ventura Chandelier Copycat

Scroll Pinterest for home decor, and it won’t take long before you come across a Serena & Lily chandelier. Known for their luxurious, chic style, they often cost thousands (or in this case, $4,000). I’ve admired the Ventura Chandelier for years, so imagine my surprise when I saw Wayfair’s Beaded Lyon Chandelier for $300! I actually have a similar chandelier in our dining room and get compliments on it all the time.

OMG Finally! A Serena and Lily Ventura chandelier copycat! I've been obsessed with this hemp-wrapped, beaded chandelier for years but was decorating on a budget. This chandelier dupe looks similar to the Serena and Lily version, but is way more affordable. This would be a great light for above our dining room table or as our living room lighting. #chandelier #lighting #natural #copycat #lookalike #dupe

Top: Serena & Lily Ventura Chandelier, $3,998 Bottom: Wayfair Lyon 3 – Light Unique Empire Chandelier, $305 Canadian Link: Wayfair Lyon 3 – Light Unique Empire Chandelier

4. Restoration Hardware Reclaimed Russian Oak Canopy Bed Copycat

This canopy bed dupe has a $10,000 price difference – yes, you read that right. I discovered this copycat when a reader asked me to help her find a canopy bed for her daughter. Restoration Hardware has the most unique and beautiful canopy beds, so I headed there first for inspiration. After a little bit of digging, I came up with this copycat beauty.

This Restoration Hardware Reclaimed Russian Oak Canopy Bed Copycat is major decor inspiration! I've loved this bed since I saw it, but couldn't justify $12,000 (who can?!). Follow Kendra Found it for Restoration Hardware dupes, copycat decor, home decor inspiration, and sale alerts. Restoration Hardware bedroom, here I come! #bed #canopy #bedroom #lookalike #copycat #decor

Top: Wayfair Melbourne Canopy Bed, $1,849 Bottom: Restoration Hardware Reclaimed Russian Oak Canopy Bed, $12,195 Canadian Link: Wayfair Melbourne Canopy Bed

5. Aerin Clemente Double Wall Sconce Copycat

Aerin (founded by Aerin Lauder of Estée Lauder) makes luxury home decor, lighting and fashion. While the products are nothing short of stunning and statement-making, they can be very expensive. I was quite sure I wouldn’t be able to find a good dupe for this unique Aerin double wall sconce, but here we are! This dupe will save you $500 and you won’t have to sacrifice style or design.

This Aerin Clemente Double Wall Sconce Copycat look JUST like the real thing. I love the gold hardware combined with the white lampshade! If you're decorating on a budget, Kendra Found It has home decor dupes, copycats, and look-alikes. These wall sconces would go great in a living room, as bedroom lighting, or in a hallway. #lighting #lights #sconces #copycat #dupe #house

Top: Wayfair Meaux 2 – Light Dimmable Armed Sconce, $237 Bottom: Aerin Clemente Double Wall Sconce, $735 Canadian Link: Wayfair Meaux 2 – Light Dimmable Armed Sconce

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