Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder April 20, 2022

VIDEO: Free Printable “Mix + Match” Mother’s Day Cards With Canon PIXMA

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Canon. All opinions are 100% mine.

When Mother’s Day rolls around each year it really makes me feel grateful for all the wonderful Mother figures I have around me. From my own wonderful mother to my sweet next-door neighbor, to my friends who became moms before me, and so many more. Often I’ve visited the store in hopes of finding special cards for each of them… let’s see there’s mom, my mother-in-law, my aunt, my mom’s best friend, my mom-friends, and my one dog mom friend who desperately wants to be a human mom. How do you find the perfect card for each of them? You don’t, so you have to make them, which is exactly what we are doing today. I’ve created an awesome batch of mix + match Mother’s Day cards where you get to choose the front design and the inside message! All are free to print thanks to Canon and they look store-bought also thanks to Canon since I used my PIXMA TS9521C Crafting Printer and my favorite paper ever, the Canon Double-sided Matte Photo Paper. Choose from 26 different inner messages to create an absolutely perfect card for any woman on your list!

Free printable mother's day cards with custom inside sayings!
Free printable mothers day card for your Aunt!

6 Card Designs

These mix + match cards are so fun! With coffee, wine, tea, flowers, crafts, and sweets – there’s sure to be at theme that will fit your favorite Mom. Download all six designs at the end of the blog post.

Six free printable Mother's Day cards with Canon PIXMA!!

Watch Jen Make These Cards:

Free printable mothers day card for a wine lover

Beautiful Double-Sided Print

Any Canon PIXMA will create a beautiful double-sided greeting card that is sure to put a smile on your favorite ladies face. You pick the front and the inside to create a truly custom message.

Free printable mother's day cards with custom inside sayings!
Free printable mothers day card for a crafty mom

List of Inside Sayings:

I tried to include all the special verbiage that I could to fully celebrate all types of mothers out there. Below is the list of the exact inside messages that you can print in your cards:

  1. To the most wonderful mother there is!
  2. To the most wonderful grandma there is!
  3. To the most wonderful neighbor there is!
  4. To the most wonderful aunt there is!
  5. To the most wonderful mother-in-law there is!
  6. To the most wonderful extra-mom there is!
  7. To the most wonderful step-mom there is!
  8. To the most wonderful sister there is!
  9. Thank You for all you do for our family.
  10. We are so lucky to have you!
  11. Everyone wishes you were their mom.
  12. I’m so grateful to have you in my life.
  13. To the mom I never had.
  14. I’m sad that mom isn’t here, but I’m grateful that you are.
  15. You will make a wonderful mother one day.
  16. It’s your first Mother’s Day, yea Mama!
  17. To my future baby mama!
  18. To the best fur-mom there is!
  19. To the most wonderful mom-friend there is!
  20. It takes a village and I’m so glad you’re in mine!
  21. To the most beautiful flower in the bunch!
  22. You are the vintners selection!
  23. You’re brewed to perfection!
  24. You’re steeped in perfection!
  25. You are the sweetest!
  26. You’re the glue that holds us together!
Free printable mother's day cards with custom inside sayings!


learn how to print your own mothers day cards

Print The Front + Back

Visit the end of this blog post and find the clickable graphics that say 6 cards and inside sayings and download them both. When you click on the graphic your download will start instantly. Many smartphones now allow you to save files to your phone, which you can print from there, or of course you can do it from your computer.

Under “Media & Quality” make sure to choose the settings, Rear Tray (where your paper will go), Photo quality paper, and then Best quality print.

Print a mothers day card with Canon PIXMA

Flip For The Inside Print

With my logo facing down, flip and insert the paper back into the printers rear tray so that you can properly print the cards inner message.

How to make a double-sided greeting card

Print The Inner Message

Pull up the second file and choose the personal greeting that you will print inside the card. There are 26 to choose from and you can see a full list above. You can of course, leave the inside blank.

Print a mothers day card with Canon PIXMA


This step is totally optional but makes it super easy to fold the card and gives a crisp line to the fold. Using a paper trimmer with a scoring blade attachment like mine or a scoring board and bone folder, score the fold of the card by following the line of my design.

How to score a greeting card


Using a paper trimmer or a ruler and scissors, cut your greeting card out and then fold along the score line. Depending on your cut, you may have to clean up the card and do another cut or two to make the fold even.

How to cut a printable greeting card

Cut Corners

This is a fun little optional step; round the corners of the card. I think this is a nice touch. Using a corner rounding tool, cut all the corners… and your ultra personal card is complete!

How to make a printable greeting card

A6 Sized Envelope

You can find A6 sized envelopes online and in most craft stores which are sized 4.75″ x 6.5″. These cards are designed to cut down to 4.5″ x 5.25″ to fit perfectly inside the typical A6 envelope.

6 FREE printable Mothers Day cards!
Free printable mother's day cards with custom inside sayings!

Hands-Down The Best Crafting Paper

There is a unique smoothness and weight to this double-sided matte photo paper that produces the most beautiful print, while also being stiff enough to make fantastic things with it. If you have a crafty-mom, you might want to buy her a pack of this paper for Mother’s Day, I’m telling you she’ll love it!

In love with the Canon Double-sided Matte Photo Paper
Free printable mother's day cards with custom inside sayings!
Free printable mothers day card for a tea lover


Canon U.S.A., Inc. prides itself on allowing consumers to create and preserve beautiful imagery, from capture to print. With wireless technology and seamless printing capabilities, you can print your photos and printables with precision and ease.

Free printable mothers day card for a wine lover

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DIY Tutorial Credits

Photography + DIY Tutorial: Jen Causey-Kidder of Something Turquoise // Canon PIXMA TS9521C Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer and Double Sided Matte Photo Paper: courtesy of Canon // A6 Sized Envelopes: Paper-Source // Corner Chomper: WeRMemory Keepers // Fiskars Paper Trimmer with Scoring Blade: Amazon