Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder December 18, 2019

Our 2019 Holiday Cards With Minted!

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– Partnered Post –

I received these holiday cards in exchange for sharing this post. Contains affiliate links.

Many of you know that sending (and receiving) holiday cards is one of my most favorite traditions of the holiday season. My go-to partner for all things stationery is always Minted because each and every item they sell has been designed by an independent artist. I love that they support the little guys and that they’re always sourcing new talent, you can even apply and/or vote for your favorites! If you’re feeling a bit behind with your holiday cards this year, I’m here to share that you totally still have time to customize and order the perfect design. Maybe instead of Christmas cards you send Happy New Year cards instead! If you’re overwhelmed by all the gorgeous choices, you can always use Minted’s free card styling service. Simply text your photo to 22737 and a Minted stylist will text you back five holiday card designs, selected especially for and styled with your photo—for FREE!

Our 2019 Holiday cards with Minted

My Family Holiday Cards

Wow, wow, wow. What a year it has been! Dean and I now have a family of 5 with our youngest joining us just 7 weeks ago, which means my truck is packed full of car seats, exactly what I always dreamed of (insert like 10 heart eye emojis). We also officially tied the knot this year, don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything, we haven’t had our celebration yet and that is definitely in the works, ST style. I love how our cards turned out! I’m a sucker for gorgeous envelope liners and fancy addressing. What do you normally look for in a holiday card? Is it the colors? The saying? The layout? I usually start with what colors match my family photos…

Our 2019 Holiday cards with Minted

Card Details: Desires by Chasity Smith. Classic 5×7 flat card printed on smooth signature paper. White color theme, with round edges, and 4 photo story on the back. Free recipient addressing, coordinating slip in liners, and return address printed on the back.

Use My Photo Feature

My favorite new feature is the “use my photo” button! Instead of wondering what your photo will look like, Minted instantly adds your photo of choice to all the cards you’re browsing so you can see it right away! Such a time saver! I also love all the options there are for narrowing down styles of card; I chose, holiday themes, in white, portrait layout, 1 photo, text at the top. That way I was only browsing designs that I knew would fit my photo of choice. Have you tried this feature yet?

Have you seen the "use my photo" feature from Minted?

My Business Holiday Cards

This busy mama of three was doing good to get these cards out on time, so this year I chose super simple cards for both family and the biz. I’ve never sent postcards before and I love how they turned out! The design worked beautifully with our team drawing and I love that now since I’ve used Minted for so many years, all my addresses are in the Address Assistant, so I just click and they are printed for me… then all I had to do was add stamps, yay!

Our 2019 Holiday cards with Minted

Card Details: Magical Happiest by Melanie Severin. 6″ x 4.25″ standard postcard in landscape with the white theme.

Order Now!

Stop by to start designing your perfect holiday cards now! Just in case you didn’t know… they also have the most gorgeous wedding stationery, baby shower invitations, art, gifts, and more!

Our 2019 Holiday cards with Minted

HUGE thanks to Steve Cowell for these gorgeous images my family… and How Heart Thou for the illustration of Team ST!

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