Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder October 17, 2018

Baby Shower Invitations By Minted

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I received these invitations in exchange for sharing this post. Contains affiliate links.

When searching for the perfect baby shower invitations, it started and ended with Minted. I had such an exceptional experience using them for my holiday cards last year that I was hoping for a repeat with these and they exceeded my expectations. The printing, the foil, the little details like the wrap-around return address labels and the stamps, I die. My favorite aspect of Minted is that all their designs are freshly sourced from a community of independent artists, something I highly support!

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Gorgeous baby shower invitations and thank you cards from Minted!

The Design

I fell head over heels in love with this stunning Gentle Petals foil-pressed design by Petra Kern. It comes in three colors and I choose the pink that came with real rose-gold pressed foil as it perfectly matched the shower theme and coloring. I went with the double thick paper, added a photo on the back, and personalized the wrap around address label. Minted printed all the mailing addresses for me which was a huge time saver and a lovely addition to the overall gorgeousness of the invitations.

Gorgeous baby shower invitations and thank you cards from Minted!

Self Addressed

This was one of the best things we planned for the shower. To have each guest self-address an envelope for my thank you cards, if they brought a gift. That way I’d have less work ahead of me for thank you card writing. I highly recommend this as it made that task so much easier for me while writing with a sleeping newborn by my side. I loved that my thank you cards matched my invitations!

Have thank you card envelopes filled out for you at your baby shower!

Personalized Stamps

Yasss! Stamps too! I was able to order matching personalized stamps for both my invitations and my thank you cards. I’m obsessed with the little touches and custom stamps are an amazing detail to add if you have a little extra room in your budget. Overall, Minted really helped me start my shower celebration off on the right foot, a gorgeous foot, with these beauties being the first element my guests saw!

Gorgeous baby shower invitations and thank you cards from Minted!

Event Photography: Steve Cowell Photography.