April 18, 2014

I love the ‘something blue’ tradition… after all it’s what sparked the name ‘something turquoise’! So today I’m sharing three shiny ideas for fun and easy ‘something blue’ details using Swarovski crystals and a heat setting tool! If you are the sparkly-type of DIY bride… you will fall in LOVE with this tool ;)



  • Swarovski Elements Hotfix Crystal Tool
  • Hotfix Crystals in your choice of ‘blue’ color


There are two ways to apply these crystals… 1) As the box says – pick up the crystal with the correct size tip, once you see the glue melting place it onto your clothing item. That didn’t work well for me… so I choose: 2) layout your crystal design idea on a piece of felt (or other surface where your crystals won’t slide around on you) to start…


..then transfer the design to the article of clothing, in this case a wedding dress. Press the hot tip to each and every crystal and hold it for 30 seconds. Move through the entire design. That’s really all there is to it!


Add your NEW initials (or maybe your grooms!) to your dress and frame with a heart! 


Here I’m adding the very popular “I Do” to the bottom of a pair of wedding shoes. Using the same steps as above, apply heat to each and every crystal for 30 seconds.


**It was a bit tricky to avoid the heel with the heat wand, but I made it work.


SO cute! The dot of the i and the period is our ‘something blue’!


You could also do this on your grooms shoes… or maybe even your bridesmaids… with a different saying of course ;)


Don’t forget your undergarments! 


This one little tool can make you unlimited sparkling wedding embellishments! 


Get the supplies you need to make this project from our affiliate links below:

As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!


Photography: Studio 11 Photography // DIY tutorial by: Jen | Something Turquoise // Swarovski Elements Hotfix Tool and Crystals (in Clear 10ss, Blue Zircon 12ss, Aquamarine 12ss, Denim Blue 4mm) : Amazon but also available at Michaels // gorgeous wedding dress: Allure Bridals #2569 // cute undies: Target // nail polish: OPI – Designer de Better

November 8, 2013

Wearing and throwing a garter at your wedding is a time honored tradition. So today we are sharing a simple technique for making your very own, custom wedding garter! The best part is that this project can be completed in under an hour! Happy Wedding Crafting!



  • sewing machine
  • your choice of lace (lengths t.b.d.)
  • your choice of ribbon
  • thread that matches the ribbon
  • 1/2″ elastic
  • large safety pin
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • charm or button accent (optional)


/////     Finding your custom garter length     /////

Everyone is different, so follow these easy steps to find the length that your ribbon and lace should be. Start by measuring the circumference of your leg (distance around the area of your leg that you want to wear the garter), in our case it was 14″. To have the perfect amount of gathering for your garter, add your number plus + 7″. So for us that was 21″; cut your ribbon and lace to your specific number. Then for the elastic, take your first number and minus – 3″; for us that equaled 11″. This will ensure that your garter won’t fall off your leg!


Making this garter is very easy and there are only a few steps. First, is sewing the ribbon on top of your lace. Keep the stitching as straight as you can.


When your first seam is done, this is what it should look like. 


Now for the second seam. Sew the opposite edge of the ribbon to the lace.


At this point you are halfway done! Now take your cut piece of elastic and put a large safety pin on the end. Next, thread the safety pin between the ribbon and lace. Keep moving the safety pin with elastic until it’s all the way through. The elastic is shorter than the ribbon + lace so you will have to gather it up as you go. Be careful not loose the other end of your elastic!


Once you have the elastic all the way through, pin both ends so you don’t loose them.


Then with the right sides of the ribbon facing each other, sew down the side of the lace. This is the last seam of your garter. Trim the strings and the edge clean.
**Optional: do a zig zag stitch along the cut ends to finish it.


Turn your garter right side out, and you are done! In a snap you have a beautiful, custom garter for your wedding day! You can also make an extra version to throw…


If you are looking to embellish your new garter with a little something special, why not add the initial of your groom-to-be! Here I have a charm with two jump rings; open one jump ring and clasp it around the lace. Simple and cute.


This sewing technique can be used with so many different types of lace and ribbon… this version would make the perfect ‘something blue’. What color/style would fit your wedding?


Below we’ve made a shabby chic version for all you rustic brides out there. Same steps as above, except here we are adding a vintage looking button as an embellishment.
Sew it onto the ribbon just like a normal button.


There you have it; a simple technique for creating your very own wedding garter.


Huge thanks to our leg model Christin, your gams are the best! xoxo


As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!

something turquoise DIY

Photography: Studio 11 Weddings // DIY tutorial by: Jen | Something Turquoise // both lace, both ribbon, elastic, thread, vintage looking button: JoAnn’s Fabric  // lower case initial charm: Smart Parts via Etsy // wedding dress: Nordstrom // scissors: Martha Stewart Crafts // nail polish: OPI – You Don’t Know Jacques!

July 25, 2013

“Sometimes we set our standards too low. Sometimes we set our standards too high. Some of Carolyn’s friends and family wondered if she had her standards too high and if she’d ever find Mr. Right. Luckily, patience paid off. They met while they were both part of a bridal party. While it wasn’t love at first sight, their circle of friends kept bringing them together. The timing wasn’t great as Carolyn was about to leave for a semester of college in Germany. Thankfully, through Skype, they shared long conversations and Bible studies and their relationship flourished. Carolyn had finally found her Mr. Right.” – Leif Brandt Photography


“The actual wedding day was such a blur it’s hard to hold on to specific moments though everyone should try to tune in for a few special ones! I think mine was walking down to see my future husband Josh for the first time in my dress. We had agreed to see one another before the ceremony for pictures and to break the ice. I definitely didn’t expect to get too emotional when there was so much “stuff” to focus on (greet everyone, mention how wonderful it is to seem them, eat something…!) but in that moment when his back was to me and he was just a tap away it hit me what a unique and individual moment it was. I’ll never get to experience that exact look from him again- us on the cusp of the rest of our lives :) I truly felt like the most beautiful bride when he turned around and saw me standing there.

Aside from that it was little moments with special people, re-doing one of my bridesmaids hair myself at the last minute (“I’m supposed to be helping YOU” she said – haha) seeing that special long-lost guest you didn’t think was going to make it… seeing my grandfather out on the dance floor shaking it to some “young kids” song… those are all special memories!


..As a graphic designer the temptation to DIY was HUGE but I knew with a 6 month engagement (and a full time job) this just wasn’t going to be possible. I chose an area in my expertise to focus on and do myself – the invitations, programs, escort cards and all paper goods. This was a great thing to focus on not only to have a bit of “me” in the face of every guest but also since these items tend to be keepsake items family and friends save from the big day in scrapbooks etc. The rest of it I left to the professionals. As a creative professional myself I love it when people just let me run with it and do what I do best! I was very flexible with my more creative vendors (florist, baker, photographer..) and I think it really paid off. Hire good people and then get out of the way!


..I did have a something old, new, borrowed and blue although I must admit I did cheat a little bit and a couple of them overlapped! The new thing was of course, the dress, but also one of my bridesmaids had given me the Kate Spade ‘bride’ bangle which was just so sweet and beautiful. It accompanied my something old: a rhinestone bangle from Josh which he had given to me at a special reunion in our relationship. My something borrowed was actually my veil which belongs to one of my best friends of 14 years (who after my marriage is now my cousin!! Small world!) My something blue was especially sentimental, my grandmother suddenly and unexpectedly  passed away just a few months before my wedding. She was an important woman in my life whom I loved and whose missing presence was definitely felt. I wore a blue topaz ring that had belonged to her on my right hand ring finger. That ring and all of the items were meaningful mementos from those I love dearly and it was both comforting and special to have them with me on one of my most important days!


..My advice to brides in the planning process – don’t sweat the small stuff! People have been getting married successfully for hundreds of years and if the flowers aren’t the right shade of pink no one will care (or notice!) Create a great first impression, if a guest immediately experiences the “wow” factor on walking in, the rest is history (and all positive!) Pick one or two things that matter the most and do them AMAZINGLY well instead of stretching yourself too thin across a number of jobs and finally be nice to people! (Yes even your mother!) These are the last moments you will have to share with them as an unmarried daughter, sister, friend… make the most of it and go off the market with a bang!” – Carolyn, the bride


photography: Leif Brandt Photography // venue: WedgeWood Wedding & Banquet Center

June 24, 2013

“Jonny and Erin have been friends forever. We couldn’t have been happier to shoot their stunning wedding in Napa Valley! Their wedding was right up our alley…vintage feel, all antique china, and in the middle of an olive orchard at a vineyard in St Helena! Kara Delay from Love this Day rocked the details from the kings table to the amazing vintage bird cages. With only 20 people, it was such a quaint gathering of family and close friends, which was the perfect size group for this event. Thank goodness there is not a winery closer to our house, because we’d probably be there every day! For now, here’s Jonny and Erin!” – Brinton Studios

ST_Brinton_Studios_vintage_wedding_0001PinST_Brinton_Studios_vintage_wedding_0002PinST_Brinton_Studios_vintage_wedding_0003PinST_Brinton_Studios_vintage_wedding_0004PinST_Brinton_Studios_vintage_wedding_0005PinST_Brinton_Studios_vintage_wedding_0006PinST_Brinton_Studios_vintage_wedding_0007PinST_Brinton_Studios_vintage_wedding_0014PinJen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

I’m obsessed with Erin’s something blue! Jonathan’s mom gave a toast at their rehearsal dinner and as part of her well wishes for the couple she handed Erin cut apron strings – as a symbol of passing on the motherly/wife duties to her! I’m totally tearing up while I’m typing this ~ how sweet is that!!?? So Erin tied the blue apron strings onto her bouquet along with her something old – her grandfathers wedding ring. I love hearing stories like this where age old traditions are incorporated with such heartfelt meaning.


“My favorite memory was watching all of my bridesmaids walking down the aisle and then the moment where I looked at my dad, grabbed his hand (while we both cried hysterically) and begin walking down the isle to Jonathan to my favorite Louis Armstrong song. It was surreal and very emotional. I couldn’t wait any longer for that moment!


..Many of the items at our wedding were hand crafted including our invitations, which were printed on vintage handkerchiefs that I had collected over the years – they were all different shapes, sizes, and styles. We also had vintage postcards that we transformed into our guest book where our friends and family could write warm wishes for our marriage. 1 year prior to the wedding my family and I collected mismatched china, silver, goblets and antique flower vases so that each guest could have a different and unique place setting that fit their personality…


Something old: I wore my grandmothers wedding pearls and tied my grandfathers wedding band to my bouquet.
Something new: I wore a vintage hat that I had purchased from a Kentucky Derby hat shop in New Orleans.
Something blue: Jonathan’s mom had given a speech at the rehearsal dinner the evening before. As part of her wishes to us she presented me with her cut apron strings (which where blue). For her this was her way of passing on the wife/motherly responsibilities from her to me. I used the blue apron strings to hold my grandfather’s wedding ring on my bouquet.


..Enjoy your day and don’t let anything stop you from this. Allow the day, environment and people to exemplify your relationship, family and love!” – Erin, the bride


photography: Brinton Studios // catering: Tra Vigna // event planner + floral design: Love This Day Events // rentals: Classic Party Rentals // dress: Nicole Miller // cake: Jace Crane (brother of bride) // hair + makeup: Heaven & Earth // venue: Private Estate

June 21, 2013

I’m a tad bit obsessed with ‘something blues’… after all I named this website after my ‘something turquoise’… have you chosen your special blue wedding item yet? If not, I think you should do this ~ simply paint the bottom of your wedding shoes blue! This is the perfect something blue for a crafty bride and makes for absolutely adorable pictures…



  • your special wedding shoes
  • Martha Stewart Crafts paint in your choice of blue; these are in Pearl Aquarium
  • MSC paint brush and stencil tape
  • rubbing alcohol


Start by taping off the bottom area of each shoe – this is optional but better to be safe than sorry. Then throughly clean the area to be painted with rubbing alcohol.


Next, start painting! Depending on the color and finish of your paint choice, each shoe will require anywhere from 2 – 5 thin coats of paint.


In between each coat, you can save your paint and brush in a plastic baggie.


The paint needs to dry at least one hour in between each coat.


This shoe (with the pearl type paint finish) required 4 thin coats of paint.


Once you are happy with the paint coverage, carefully remove the tape.


There you have it ~ a fabulously crafty ‘something blue’ for under $5!


You could really have some fun with these shoes in photos!!!


As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please share using the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!

something turquoise DIY

beautiful photography: Studio 11 Weddings // DIY tutorial: Jen | Something Turquoise // RSVP ‘Jovita’ silver peep-toe heels: Zappos // Martha Stewart Crafts paint, brush and stencil tape: Michaels // wedding dress: Nordstrom // nail polish: OPI liquid sand in Get Your Number

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