DIY Bachelorette Party Slap Bracelets
Chelsea LaVere Barton
Chelsea LaVere Barton April 22, 2022

Super Easy DIY Bachelorette Party Slap Bracelets

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Throwback to childhood for a good lot of us Xennials and millennials! Unlike the school playground, there’s no way these slap bracelets will be banned from your bachelorette party as you celebrate with your pals in nostalgic style.

I have kept the project simple with “bride” and “babe” for a chic modern aesthetic, but you can decorate these fun blank bracelets in any way you want. Make them before the party or have a crafternoon where everyone designs their own. You can use cut vinyl words, permanent markers, faux silk flowers, or puffy paint. Lisa Frank stickers, anyone?

After the party, upcycle your slap bracelets to hold together your craft vinyl or gift wrapping paper rolls. Even bach party favors can be eco-conscious!

DIY Bachelorette Party Slap Bracelets


Materials for how to make your own wedding slap bracelet

Maker’s Note

If using the shimmer gold vinyl like I’ve used, you will need StrongGrip transfer tape, not the regular kind listed in the materials list above.

When applying any decorations to your bracelet, it tends to be best to put the bracelet on your wrist first and decorate on your wrist so there are no bubbles or wonky words.

How to make wedding slap bracelets


Using a ruler, measure how long and how wide your slap bracelets are. The ones I used are 8.7 inches in length and 1.2 inches in height/width, so I made a note to make any words no taller than 1 inch.

Using Cricut to make slap bracelets


No matter which words you use, keep it short if you want the entire word to show on the tops of everyone’s wrists. Choose your favorite font in Design Space or Studio. To help you decide what size is best, add a rectangle shape with the measurements of your slap bracelet to your Canvas and then fit your words inside of it. Leave a tiny bit of top and bottom space for the textured edge. After you’re happy with your design, cut according to your machine’s specs.

Bachelorette party ideas with Cricut

DIY Wedding Slap Bracelets


Once your words are cut, weed your vinyl, leaving only the bits you want to keep for your bracelet. To help you adhere your shimmer vinyl, use clear StrongGrip transfer tape as no other transfer tape will pick the vinyl up otherwise. (If you’re not using a glitter or shimmer vinyl, standard transfer tape is what you will need as mentioned above.) Cut the amount you need and place on top of your vinyl words. Use your burnishing tool and “scrape” across the transfer tape to give a good connection to the vinyl underneath.

Easy way to make slap bracelets

How to apply vinyl to slap bracelets

Stronggrip transfer tape for shimmer vinyl


Before application, slap your bracelet on your wrist to decide where you want your words. Carefully rub your stickers on top and remove the transfer tape. The bracelets are ready for their brides and her babes now!

Chic bachelorette party slap bracelets

Easy to make bachelorette party slap bracelets

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DIY bachelorette party favor ideas

Bride bachelorette party bracelet

How to make simple slap bracelets for bach party

Bridesmaid bachelorette party slap bracelet


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Photography + DIY Tutorial: Chelsea LaVere Barton // Flowers: Apple Mint Florist // Cutting Materials: Cricut


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