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Chelsea LaVere Barton
Chelsea LaVere Barton September 15, 2021

DIY Hand-Stamped Wedding Napkins

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Get ready for literally the world’s easiest wedding DIY ever because you will end up wanting to upcycle all the fabrics in your house after this one! With a bit of fabric paint, objects found around your house, and some high quality linen napkins, you can create chic hand-stamped details for your bridal/wedding shower, engagement party, or any wedding-related event!

Depending on your budget and your time available, sure, you can even make this project for your actual wedding day, too! I do try to be realistic with the DIYs I share though, and linen napkins aren’t the most affordable natural fabric out there to purchase in a large quantity, so if you do want to make your own napkins for the big day and have a small budget, you might want to consider a simple blank cotton napkin as an alternative. Again, no household fabric is safe once you’ve discovered fabric paint!

Either way, your celebration place settings will totally get the upgrade when you can say “I made that!” to your guests. After the event, they’ll make a great addition to your home collection!

DIY wedding napkin ideas


Stamped Wedding Event Napkins with Fabric Paint

Maker’s Note & Linen Sourcing Advice

Practically anything can be a stamp! Look around your house and your fridge for potential stamps. Bottle caps, leaves, brushes, veggies, and more are all great ideas in utilizing what you already have while also also giving you unique, organic marks on your napkins.

For your linen, there’s just no comparison to linen fabric that comes from Europe, and Etsy makes it easy to connect with small shops who make some gorgeously unique things. It’s always my go-to when needing anything linen for the home. Since standard hemmed linen napkins are commonly found, I was drawn to these ones from Linen & Rock Homeware for this project because of their modern boho frayed edge. It adds a beautiful texture to any place setting with that hand-stitched detail that you won’t find in many places!


Pre-wash your napkins using your normal laundry detergent. Do not use any added softeners as this can affect the fabric paint application. Allow to dry and then iron. Linen materials are naturally wrinkly so embrace the lovely texture, but make sure that the deep creases are smoothed out for even stamping.

Homemade stamp project ideas


Take your paper straws and cut to multiply the amount of stamps you have. If creating a foam or wood block stamp with string, tightly wrap the string around your block and tie it on the back side. Adjust your yarn lines to your preference in pattern. The great thing about making your own stamps is that there is no one way to do it! Have fun and make a variety if you’d like!

Polka dot stamped napkins DIY


Use cardboard or another material to do some tests on how you want your pattern to look. A more organic vibe is always great looking on linen! Place additional cardboard or newspaper to protect your surface as some paint may press through due to the looser weave of linen.

DIY stamp ideas

Easy DIY stamp wedding ideas


Be sure to lightly blow into your straw if a bubble forms at the tip or you’ll get a unintentional burst of paint on your napkin! As paint absorbs into your paper straw, you may find the straw softening and thickening your lines. Switch out for a fresh straw to prevent blobby lines.


Add fabric paint to your stamp with a paintbrush or just dip your straw into a thin layer of the paint. Starting at the corner of your napkin, firmly press your stamp to create your first impression. Repaint your stamp and create your next impression. Repeat until you stamp your entire napkin!

After you have stamped your napkin, look over and see where it would be beneficial to fill in some of your stamped lines or dots to look more full. Using your paintbrush, brush lightly over any faint or empty patches you want to enhance to achieve that organic stamp mark.

Stamping with fabric paint DIY


Make all of your linen napkins beautifully hand-crafted. Change up your patterns or keep them all of the same for your intended wedding look.

DIY linen wedding napkins


Allow to dry for 48-72 hours and then wash your napkins on your washing machine’s gentle cycle. Hang to dry or dry on low heat. That’s it! Enjoy your hand-stamped napkins!

After the wedding-related event, upcycle your napkins into gifts or to keep at home!

DIY gray linen napkins

DIY wedding ideas

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Painted napkins DIY

Knotted napkin style for wedding

Ways to paint napkins

Knotted DIY painted bridal shower napkins


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Photography + DIY Tutorial: Chelsea LaVere Barton // Linen Napkins: Linen and Rock via Etsy // Fabric Paint: DecoArt // Table Number: High Oak & Co. via Etsy


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