Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder November 11, 2019

The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Cricut Lover In Your Life

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This my friends is the Ultimate Gift Guide For The Cricut Lover In Your Life …and how to choose a gift that is sure to impress them! Whether you’re a Cricut lover yourself or just shopping for one, this yes or no flow chart will help you find the perfect gift for the crafter on your list. I’ve gone into detail about each item listed below so that you can be an informed shopper and gifter. We’ve got fantastic options for all budgets with items as low as $10… so take a moment to let yourself read through the questions to find a present just as awesome as your loved one!

Flow chart created by Something Turquoise

Find Your Perfect Gift:

Cricut Maker, starting at $399.00: the ultimate gift for the crafter in your life. If it’s in your budget, a Maker is hands down the best gift that Santa could give someone. The recipients crafting habits will be forever changed by the power and versatility of this cutting machine. It can cut over 300 different materials with extreme precision and is available in 5 colors. Want to see someone cry or possibly faint? This is the gift!

Cricut EasyPress 2, $69-$279: imagine if an iron and a heat press had a baby – that’s what the EasyPress 2 is. Taking the guesswork out of heat-transfer crafts, making long-lasting, professional-quality designs in a flash. Turn it on, pick your materials, plug in the time and exact heat and press, that’s all there is to it! They come in 4 different sizes; the Mini will fit in a stocking and the large would be a very special gift to receive!

Infusible Ink Supplies, $7.99-$17.99: one of the most revolutionary craft products on the market, finally a heat transfer that will last a lifetime. Together with your Cricut, pre-inked sheets and custom pens create one-of-a-kind designs that fuse onto blank t-shirts, coasters, and tote bags for vibrant creations. Pick up a box or two of the pre-inked sheets, the pens, or the blanks for a gift worth screaming over!

Iron Protective Sheet, $6.99: a premium heavyweight 12″ x 12″ iron-on sheet that will protect your iron-on projects from damaging heat and distribute heat evenly for secure adhesion. This is one of those fabulous little extra items that any heat-crafter would love. At only $6.99 it’s the perfect little gift for a neighbor or hostess or a terrific addition to the purchase of an EasyPress or other iron-on type gifts.

Detail Craft Knife and Cutting Mat, $60: get 3 essential tools for safe and precise cutting by hand in this convenient bundle; a self-healing cutting mat, a detail craft knife, and a stainless steel ruler! Use these essential tools for a variety of DIY projects using vinyl, paper, thin plastics, canvas, and iron-on. Great for project finishing, sewing projects, jewelry projects, and much more. Four colors available!

Bright Pad, $80: oh what a luxury! The Cricut BrightPad illuminates every detail as you’re weeding, tracing, paper-piecing quilt patterns, or jewelry-making. The soft light is easy to look at and has 5 brightness settings. No more insufficient, overhead, or glaring light, simply use the BrightPad as your workspace.

Vinyl and Transfer Tape, $6-$17: vinyl and transfer tape is ALWAYS a great gift idea for the Cricut lover who makes signs, personalizes mugs or decor of the like. From holiday patterns to metallic foil and from Disney designs to pretty pastels and everything in between, there really is something for everyone. Pick up 1-3 rolls of vinyl and one roll of transfer tape for the ideal gift!

Iron-on, $6-$20: iron-on, just like vinyl, is ALWAYS a great gift idea for the Cricut lover who is always personalizing their own clothing, tea towels, pillows and more. There is so much to choose from when it comes to iron-on, from large solid color sheets to unique patterned designs, and even fully designed iron-on decals. Pick out a roll or two that most reminds you of the recipient!

Weeding Tools, $27: this weeding tool set is ideal for anyone who enjoys intricate projects. From paper crafting to vinyl designs and iron-on pieces, these unique tools will help weed (or remove) all the excess.

New Maker Tools, $24-$69: just a few months ago Cricut released these amazing new blades and tips for the Maker and they are noteworthy. There is an Engraving Tip, a Debossing Tip, a Perforation Blade, a Wavy Blade, a Scoring Wheel and a Double Scoring Wheel. Each performs a specific task and should be in the toolbox of any and all Maker owners. My favorite is the perforation blade, which creates professional-looking tear-off projects with incredible ease. One or two of these would be a terrific gift… and they are also stocking size!

Sewing Kit, $33: for the Cricut crafter who loves to sew! This unique kit was designed specifically for Cricut sewing projects. If the recipient is a sewer and has a Maker (which cuts fabric) then this bundle is perfect! It even includes an adorable pin cushion that looks like a mini Cricut machine!

Travel Totes, $39-199: these totes are beyond fabulous. Have a crafter on your list that is also a traveler? Give them a way to easily (and safely) carry around their crafting machines, tools, and supplies. From machine bags to EasyPress bags, Cricut has many tote options to choose from.

Maker Cutting Supplies, $8-$55: the Cricut Maker cuts over 300 different supplies, so pick up some of the best and most unique supplies as a terrific gift. Fabric, chipboard, basswood, leather, aluminum, and many more.

Cricut Access, $10 per month: last but certainly not least – Cricut Access! Unlimited choices. Jaw‑dropping benefits. 100,000+ images. Hundreds of fonts. An ever‑growing collection of ready‑to‑make projects. And deep, exclusive discounts on everything Cricut. The ultimate gift for the ultimate Cricut crafter. There isn’t a Cricut user that doesn’t want Cricut Access so do yourself a favor and look like the best gift-giver ever by pulling this one out of your hat!

Stocking Stuffers:

XL Scraper, $11: a gift perfect for every Cricut user. Scrappers are a highly used tool and so this extra-large design will be happily received. Ideal for stuffing stockings!

Pen Set, $35: ugh, gorgeous! Did you know that the Cricut will hold a pen and draw designs/text for you? If you didn’t know, now you do! Treat your Cricut lover to this lovely set of 30 custom pens made for the Cricut.

Ruler, $28: having a stainless steel ruler like this is a craft room staple, ugh, and it’s rose gold! Yasss! Please put this in my stocking!

Machine Mats, $12-20: always, always, always buy your Cricut lover extra cutting mats, we’re 100% sure that they need new ones. They might not exactly fit in their stocking, but you can put them near their stocking, lol.

Scoring Stylus, $10: this scoring stylus makes fold lines for cards, envelopes, boxes, and other 3D projects! The perfect size for a stocking and a much needed tool!

Happy Holidays!

We hope you enjoyed this fun little exercise and we’d love to hear about how your gift-giving goes this holiday season. Stop back by and give us the scoop! We’ll be sharing our favorite gift stories on our IG stories!