Shea O'Quinn
Shea O'Quinn November 05, 2019

12 Baby Apps You Need To Download NOW

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Shea here, resident craft assistant and Pinterest account manager for the ST team. It’s crazy how much the team has grown since I joined it three and a half years ago, not just in employees, but in littles! We have added 6 babies in a little over a year! That being said, collectively we know a thing or two about babies, namely how to survive the crazy ride that is parenthood, and we’ve compiled a list of all the apps you need to download NOW if you are a new parent, pregnant or hoping to become pregnant.

Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker I’ll admit, before I became pregnant, I didn’t really understand my body. Sure I took health class in high school and passed it, knowing the basics but I didn’t really understand my cycle and what days I was actually ovulating and would be more likely to get pregnant on. I downloaded this app to help me better understand and boy did it help. Without going into all the personal details, this app is the reason my little man is here!

Baby Pics- Photo Editor or Baby Story – Pics Editor If you plan to take weekly bump pics or weekly/monthly pics of your little one, these apps are great for capturing these special moments and documenting each milestone.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker This app offers some great resources for tracking throughout your pregnancy, whether it’s measuring the growth of your little one, your due date countdown or thousands of articles and personalized tips!

Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker This app works similarly to the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker but for the milestones and tracking of all the day to day of your little one.

The Wonder Weeks If you check the phone of any new parent you will more than likely find this app on their phone. Something a lot of people don’t know about until raising a little human of their own is that there are these things called “leaps” in their mental development. While it’s awesome to see these leaps, it can also mean some agitation and disruption in their day to day. Your perfect little angel can become a total fussy nightmare, you go and check the app and sure enough, they are right on track with a leap that may lead to excessive fussiness.

Baby Connect (Activity Log) This one was recently recommended to me by a friend in my local mom group (another thing I highly recommend for new mamas). According to Apple its the #1 and the most comprehensive baby tracking application on the AppStore. It has graphical reports and trending charts, weekly averages, medicine, vaccine and growth tracking, timers, notifications, reminder alarms, emails, night mode, Siri shortcuts, an easy to use interface and unlimited data. So basically, its a one stop shop!

Think Dirty This one was recently recommended to me by a mom friend and I wish I had known about it sooner! This app is great not just for moms, but for anyone who wants to better understand the ingredients and potential toxicity in cosmetics and personal care products. Keep those littles safe!

Family Album FamilyAlbum helps you share, save, and remember the special moments in your child’s life. By making sharing your child’s photos and videos simple, FamilyAlbum brings families together as the perfect partner for busy moms and dads. In addition, the app keeps your memories organized and creates photo and video collages to make look backs even more special!

Babylist Baby Registry We’ve all heard of registries for years, but Babylist has reinvented the traditional registry. Instead of having your shower guests look through several registries, Babylist is an all in one registry. You can literally register from ANYWHERE and add it to your Babylist registry. Personally for me, it was important to add some Etsy items to my registry, Babylist made that super simple!

1 Second Every Day, Video Diary This is really a cool app for anyone, not just parents. 1 Second Everyday is a video diary that makes it easy to take your day-to-day moments and create a meaningful movie of your life. It’s a home for all your notable memories, not just the Insta-worthy.

Hatch Baby This app goes hand in hand with your Hatch Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale which for me, is a must have registry item. It can be nerve wracking as a new parent, especially a nursing mama to make sure your baby is properly gaining weight. This changing pad and app help you not only weigh your little one, but also it also logs them for you so you can watch your little ones progress. I also use this app to log feedings and diapers. The great thing is, it’s Alexa enabled! So I can be changing my little one and say “Alexa, log a wet diaper” and she will! Or I can say “Alexa, when was Jude’s last feeding” and she’ll tell me… we really do live in the future guys.

Google Photos So, I’ll admit it, I don’t know how the allusive “cloud” works. A couple years ago my phone went for a swim and I lost years worth of photos. I was, of course, devastated but I remember saying to myself “well, at least I don’t have a kid, if I lost those kind of photos, I’d be ruined”. Fast forward to this year, when I had a kid, I needed a foolproof way to make sure if anything happened to my phone I wouldn’t lose everything of my sweet little one. Enter Google Photos… I find Google Photos to be a super user friendly app to use and I can access all of my phones pictures from my computer!

And that rounds out some of our favorite apps. Do you have any that you love that we didn’t include? We’d love to hear about them!