10 science kits to explore with kids to keep them entertained and learning
Jacki Davis
Jacki Davis July 30, 2019

10 Science Activity Kits to Entertain Preschoolers

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Keeping children entertained and learning can be a challenge! My five-year-old daughter constantly wants to do activities and frankly, I run out of ideas all the time. We started doing simple science experiments when she was three or so but I’m not a scientist and had a difficult time coming up with ideas. I decided to get some activity sets that would teach her while keeping her entertained but didn’t require much prep on my end. After getting lost in the web of Amazon, I was so surprised at the awesome options that are available! There are plenty of themed sets, teaching color theory or how magnets work, as well as sets with a wide variety of experiments. We have accumulated quite a collection and I wanted to share some of our favorites with you. I’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite sets, all of which we have used or currently have waiting to be used. In our house, science time is always a blast and the perfect activity to encourage the love of learning! We also love giving (and receiving) science sets as birthday presents!

10 science kits to explore with kids to keep them entertained and learning

Big Bag of Science

With over 70 activities, we have yet to finish this set. It is great to do a short activity here and there when looking to change up the day.

Big Bag of Science, via Amazon

Potato Clock

My daughter picked this set out at the store and it is next on our list. She could not stop talking about how weird it was that we could make a clock with potatoes!

Potato Clock, via Amazon

Solar System Planetarium

I have a space obsessed daughter and this set was perfect for her! She has moon night light and had to have her own solar system too!

Solar System Planetarium, via Amazon

Wacky Weather

The tornado was such a fun activity for us! We live in So Cal and there is not much change in the weather here so it is fun to explore and discuss things we may never see.

Wacky Weather, via Amazon

Soaring Into Flight

The Magic School Bus is a staple on our TV thanks to Netflix! Soaring into flight has been fun to explore especially since we will be going on our first flight soon! A MUST GET FOR US!

Soaring into Flight, via Amazon

Barbie STEM kit

When I saw this kit I was SO EXCITED! My five year old is OBSESSED with playing with dolls and Barbies… we had to have the scientist Barbie and I was pleased with the amount of activities the set came with. We do not have the Barbie dream house but we had fun building the closet organizer still the same.

Barbie STEM kit, via Amazon

Bubble Science

This set is PERFECT for summer! It is perfect for a group of kids and for a variety of ages! The giant bubble did not disapoint!

Bubble Science, via Amazon

Magnet Science Kit

There is something so magical about magnets! Definitely a fun set to explore!

Magnet Science Kit, via Amazon

Learning Resources Lab Set

This has been on our wish list for a while. My daughter LOVES to pretend play. Frankly, I do not know where her imagination comes from. This set has some great items that could be used for imaginary play and includes “recipe” card for simple experiments. Learning Resources is one of our go to brands for kid toys!

Learning Resources Lab Set, via Amazon

mind Blowing Science

This set has a nice variety of experiments. It is one of our go to gifts for birthday parties! Highly recommended!

Mind Blowing Science, via Amazon