Variety of wedding table number ideas
Chelsea LaVere Barton
Chelsea LaVere Barton March 15, 2022

DIY Romantic Boho Vase Table Numbers

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Table numbers are one of the best DIY wedding projects you can do to leave your personal mark on the big day. With the trendy boho shape taking over wedding themes, I wanted to give a simple spin on it that is accessible and affordable, especially when you’re having to make signage for 1 to 20 reception tables.

If you don’t have an acrylic cutter at home or the budget to get those lovely round boho-shaped acrylic table numbers made for you, you can still incorporate the same vibe with glass vases and vinyl!

The best part? Whether you want the full floral treatment or a romantic glowy look, flowers and colorful tall candles look amazing in these table number vases. Pick the one that matches your wedding style!

Once the celebration is over, repurpose these table numbers by removing the vinyl and using them around your home or donating to your favorite thrift store.

DIY Boho Shape Glass Vase Wedding Table Number


How to make affordable boho table numbers

Maker’s Note

Choose vases that are various heights and widths for a gorgeous design-focused display. You can find sets of vases at IKEA, thrift stores, and online. Possibilities are very affordable and endless!


Using window or glass spray cleaner, clean your vases. You need a clean, dry surface for the vinyl to apply perfectly.

Easy DIY wedding table number ideas


Measure how tall each of your glass vases is so you know the size of your table number. Determine how wide you want your boho shape to be and how big you want your table number words to be. (Because my main vase in this project is around 7″ tall, my beige shape is 3″ wide and 5.5” tall. The one I use to display the vase as a candle holder is 9” tall, so my beige shape is 2.25” wide and 8” tall.)

How to make wedding table numbers with Cricut


Go to your cutting machine’s Design Space software and open a New Project. To create my boho shape, I welded a circle and a long rectangle together. For the font of your table number, I recommend choosing two different complementary fonts like a cursive/script font and a print/sans serif font.

Cricut Wedding Table Numbers Ideas

Cricut vinyl for wedding table numbers

Using Cricut transfer tape on glass vases for wedding decor


First cut your boho shape with the vinyl of your choice and then cut your table numbers that size well for your boho shape. Weed out the bits you don’t want on your table number and then place transfer tape on top to allow for easy application on your vase.

Using Cricut vinyl on glass vases

How to make boho table numbers


Peel your vinyl sticker off of its carrier sheet and then carefully place it on your glass vase. I recommend aligning it to the top of the vase and then smoothing downwards. This vinyl has a strong adhesive so place slowly on the vase! Smooth out any bubbles that may form underneath before placing your table number sticker on top.

Wedding table number ideas with Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut DIY wedding ideas


For however many tables you have, make that many table numbers and then pack away safely until the wedding day!

Boho shape glass vase with Cricut

DIY boho shape wedding table numbers

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Variety of wedding table number ideas

Vinyl and glass vase table numbers made with Cricut machine

DIY modern boho shape wedding table number vase


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Photography + DIY Tutorial: Chelsea LaVere Barton // Flowers: Apple Mint Florist // Cutting Materials: Cricut


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