Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder May 22, 2018

DIY Felt Succulents

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It’s Felt Flower Week again! This is our third edition of sharing felt flower patterns all week long that culminate in a stunning DIY felt flower wedding bouquet. But this week is extra, extra special because we’re cutting all our petals and leaves using our amazing Cricut Maker! Never before have felt flowers + leaves been SO easy to make. No longer do you have to sit and cut out petals for hours upon hours, instead let the Cricut do all the hard work for you! In our shop we’ve now released all our past felt flower designs as Cricut .SVG cut files, and now today’s design! Stop by the shop to purchase your Succulent pattern and other past flower favorites for only $1.99 each!

In talking about handmade flowers – I’m singing the praises of felt. Unlike paper, felt flowers are thick, sturdy and can withstand all that your wedding day could possibly throw at them. Paper can rip and crumple in a flash – but not felt! There is something so old-school crafty about felt… and I just love it. So without further ado, here is this weeks second felt flower design – the lovely succulent.

How to make your own felt succulents, so pretty!
How to make your own felt succulents, so pretty!


If you don’t have a Cricut we are sharing a free printable .PDF pattern at the end of the post that you can cut out by hand.

Supplies to make your own felt flowers


For the succulents I used Rainstorm and Latte. Find this exact felt and many more colors at Benzie Design.

  • You’ll Need: 12″ x 10″ rectangle of felt for each succulent
Benzie Design felt for felt flowers


Upload your felt succulent .SVG cut file into Design Space and add it to your canvas. Then customize as you’d like and prepare to cut.

  • Choose: Felt, Wool Fabric as your cut setting and use the rotary blade.

You can drag to resize this file larger or smaller with no problem. If you try to make it too small the smaller details won’t cut properly.

How to cut felt flowers using your Cricut Maker!

Let Your Maker Work Its Magic

Add the felt to the Cricut Fabric Mat, click to load the mat and press Go! Carefully remove the excess felt and all petals…

How to cut felt flowers using your Cricut Maker!

Assemble The Succulent Center

Take the small oval petal and hot glue it around a floral wire, pinch until cool.

You’ll want to use a glue gun that can do low-heat so you don’t burn your finger tips!

How to make your own felt succulents, so pretty!

Add The Petals

You’ll have 26 succulent petals total; 2 small, 8 medium, 16 and large. Start by hot gluing the small petals to the center first. Add a bit of glue, hold around the center and pinch it a little for volume. Keep adding petals until the succulent takes it’s shape. Move from smaller to larger, or swap a few for added volume.

How to make your own felt succulents, so pretty!

Succulent Bottom

To finish off the succulent, glue the wavy round circle leaf/petal to the base. Voila! You’re felt succulent is complete!

Feel free to make larger or smaller blooms, including more petals or less petals to change up the look!

How to make your own felt succulents, so pretty!
How to make your own felt succulents, so pretty!

Have A Few Questions?

  • Can I cut the felt flowers with my Cricut Explore? Yes, but it will take a little bit more effort. Visit this page to learn about what materials your Cricut Explore can cut.
  • How do I clean my fabric mat? To clean light scraps and fuzz, a lint roller works great. Try not to touch your mat as the oils in our skin can damage it. Use your tweezers to remove large strings and pieces.
  • What if I don’t have a Cricut? You can print out our free .PDF pattern at the end of the post and cut the flowers out by hand, like we used to have to do before the Maker!
How to make your own felt succulents, so pretty!


Sponsored by Cricut.

Cricut is a world-class leader in personal electronic cutting machines that has enabled people to achieve their creative best for over 50 years. Today, millions of people use Cricut products to create unique projects, and they focus on enhancing lives with this power of creativity. Let Cricut help you take your wedding personalization and project creativity to the next level!

How to make your own felt succulents, so pretty!

As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY and it will show up on our Get Social page. Happy Crafting!

DIY Tutorial Credits

Photography + DIY Tutorial: Jen Causey of Something Turquoise // Cricut Maker, Rotary Blade and Fabric Mats: courtesy of Cricut // Wool Felt: courtesy of Benzie Design // Felt Flower .SVG Design: Julia Ensign // Floral Wire: Michaels // Wire Cutters: Amazon // Low-Heat Hot Glue Gun: Amazon // Mini-Glue Sticks: Amazon // Scissors: Fiskars // Nail Polish: OPI – Withstands the Test of Thyme

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