This photo printing favor station is adorable!!!
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder November 10, 2017

DIY – Photo Printing Favor Station With Canon

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Today we’re really getting crafty with Canon! Using their new wireless SELPHY printer, we’re creating the cutest photo favor station ever – which would be a fabulous addition to any special event. It’s not a photo booth, it’s a place to print your photos right from your phone. Since everyone has their own camera in their pocket now a days, this darling station allows them to print the photos they’ve taken right on the spot. Kind of like a modern photo booth of sorts. One print is a favor for them and another print is a keepsake for you! Creating the best kind of instant gratification of your special day… because there is something extra special about a printed photo vs. one posted online. Cheers!

OMG, this photo printing favor station is adorable!!!
Help us capture the love with this photo printing station!

Have Your Guests Help You Capture The Love

This table is a win-win type of wedding favor. Your guests get to print any photo they’d like, right there at your wedding and take it home with them. Then by asking them to print one for you too – you’ll end up with a huge pile of fabulously candid wedding photos ~ instantly. No need to look through Instagram or Facebook that night, just grab this stack on the way out and enjoy!

You might want to designate someone to keep an eye on the booth for you. So that when the stack of paper/ink runs out they can replace it and keep the printer running!

OMG, this photo printing favor station is adorable!!!
Photo prints for your wedding guests could make really fun favors!

Set Up The Selphy

One fantastic element about the SELPHY printer is that when you buy the photo paper – it always comes with the ink cartridge needed! So when the paper runs out, you throw out the ink cartridge too. It’s super easy. Add the cartridge, add the paper and the holder for the postcard size paper. Then connect the SELPHY to the venue wi-fi and set up your display.

How to set up and use the Canon Selphy printer, it's so easy!
Create a photo printing favor station for your wedding!

Items Needed:

OMG, this photo printing favor station is adorable!!!
Create a photo printing favor station for your wedding!

Grab These Signs + Print

Both of the signs here are available for free at the bottom of the post. Click on the graphic and it will immediately download for you. Print using your favorite Canon printer and Canon’s 8.5″ x 11″ Matte Photo Paper, trim on the lines provided, frame the 8×10 print and fold the table tent card.

OMG, this photo printing favor station is adorable!!!
Create a photo printing favor station for your wedding!

No Power? No Wi-fi?

No access to power where you’d like to set up this booth? No problem! The SELPHY has an available battery pack that will last up to 54 prints. Just make sure to charge it before your event and potentially purchase extras to replace. Or maybe have two printers running at the same time!

No wi-fi network at the venue? That’s okay! You can change the connection method on the screen to “Direct Connection”. Then guests can connect to the printer just like they would connect to a wi-fi signal. You can even change the password!

OMG, this photo printing favor station is adorable!!!

How To Print

Download and print this cute little table tent sign and fill in the wifi network and password available at your venue. If you’re using the “Direct Connection” method, just fill in with the printer name and password.

OMG, this photo printing favor station is adorable!!!

Once your guests connect to the venue wifi or directly to the printer, they will be able to wirelessly print any photo in their phone! Simply choose the photo, then click to choose print, choose the SELPHY CP1300 printer, the amount of photos and watch it work it’s magic!

How to use AirPrint and the Canon Selphy printer!

Four Passes Make Perfect

The SELPHY will automatically start printing and it will print in 4 passes; yellow, magenta, cyan and gray. With each layer your photo comes to life. It’s so fun and takes less than 30 seconds per print. Such a fun, interactive favor station idea!

How to use AirPrint and the Canon Selphy printer!


DIY tutorial sponsored by Canon

Canon U.S.A., Inc. prides itself on allowing consumers to create and preserve beautiful imagery, from capture to print. With wireless technology and seamless printing capabilities, you can print your photos and printables with precision and ease.

Create a photo printing favor station for your wedding!

As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY and it will show up on our Get Social page. Happy Crafting!

DIY Tutorial Credits

Photography + DIY Tutorial: Jen Causey of Something Turquoise // Canon Items; SELPHY CP1300 Printer, Postcard Paper/Ink Set, TS9020 Printer, Matte Photo Paper: courtesy of Canon // Sign Designs: Julia Ensign // Rose Gold Sequin Tablecloth: Amazon // Balloon Letters in Silver and Rose Gold: Northstar // 8 x 10 Silver Frame: Amazon // White Lantern Set: Oriental Trading // Black candlesticks: Amazon // Candlestick holders: shot glasses painted silver! // Black candles and decorative silver dish: Hobby Lobby // Flowers: Whole Foods // Nail Polish: OPI – Withstands the Test of Thyme

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