Brittany Altenbaugh
Brittany Altenbaugh July 11, 2017

Bridal Blogger // My Favorite Wedding Calligraphy Trends

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Hello Bridal Babes!

I don’t know about y’all, but I am completely obsessed with calligraphy, faux & the real thing and I wanted to have something special to wear for all of the wedding festivities and as a keepsake so! I reached out to Kelly from Bash Calligraphy. You might remember her from my 2017 Pantone post she was the one who lettered on that gorgeous, juicy, green cactus! Well, she created this beautiful piece for me! Check it out!

Gorgeous custom handlettered and painted wedding jacket by Bash Calligraphy! Image: Bash Calligraphy

I am seriously in love with it, I can’t wait to wear it for my bridal shower, bachelorette trip, WEDDING!, & honeymoon! This is like a letterman jacket but 10 million times better!! Kelly was so sweet & totally made this custom to fit my style (which is romantic & whimsy) but this got me thinking, what other calligraphy trends are out there that can help personalize your big day?

Calligraphy Wedding Trends

I am swooning over that top right image, I LOVE the pressed flowers in the acrylic sign!! I might have to incorporate something like that into our wedding! You can letter on just about anything, it’s all about using your imagination. From wood to glass and acrylic to leather… if you can write on it – you can make it something extra special! Here are some pens for you to check out:

Bridal Blogger Brittany's favorite calligraphy wedding details!

Top Left Image: Mibelle Inc via: Green Wedding Shoes Top Left Image: Mibelle Inc via: Green Wedding Shoes Bottom Left Image: Cassie Rosch via: Green Wedding Shoes Middle Image: Swooned Magazine Bottom Right Image: A Fabulous Fete

Calligraphers to Follow

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Gorgeous custom calligraphy from A Fabulous Fete

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Willow and Ink Design

Custom wedding calligraphy by Willow & Ink

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Bare Ink Co.

Gorgeous hand lettered wedding invitation by Bare Ink Co.

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Half Moon Lettering

Gorgeous chalk board wedding sign by Half Moon Lettering!

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Bash Calligraphy

Stunning hand lettered escort cards by Bash Calligraphy

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