Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder December 21, 2015

Bouquet Blueprint | Sage Green + Earthy Coal

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I love a spectacular winter wedding bouquet like this one… don’t you? What I don’t love is that so often winter weddings are thought of as Christmas weddings. If you want a Christmas wedding that’s fine, but what if you just want a lovely, romantic winter wedding? You use winter flowers with a unique color palette like this one! Sage green, gray and earthy blacks have been incredibly popular for home decor this year so we thought we’d incorporate those shades into a unique Bouquet Blueprint. Hopefully this will inspire your winter wedding bouquet to be a bit non-traditional!



Most of these flowers are available year round with the exception of Star of Bethlehem, which has it’s peak season in fall and winter. Magnolia foliage is technically available year round since it’s grown on large trees however commercially it’s also available mainly in the fall and winter. The Magnolia foliage adds a great traditional winter feel with the velvety brown side of the leaf and shiny deep green color on the opposite side. It’s used mostly in holiday garlands and decor, but it’s a fantastic accent for winter weddings.


Care + Handling

You can’t ask for a more hardy bouquet! All of these elements will last through sunshine or snow making it ideal for winter. The cymbidium orchids do have a short stem so they need to be either glued into the bouquet with floral glue or wired into the bouquet, which is best to do no more then 1 day prior to the event. A perfect finish for this design is the grey wool wrap adding even more texture to this winter look.


Flower Blueprint

  • 6 stems mini calla lilies
  • 13 blooms cymbidium orchids
  • 10 stems “Ornithogalum Arabicum” (commonly know as Star of Bethlehem)
  • 5 stems long green hanging amaranthus
  • 15 stems “green trick” dianthus
  • 3 stems magnolia leaves
  • 2 feet gray wool



This bouquet was created with a lot of larger elements which can be tricky to use when designing boutonnières to coordinate. For a modern option, a mainly foliage boutonnière will be lightweight and masculine making it a terrific choice. For a more traditional look, a single cymbidium orchid wrapped with wool is anther great choice.


Bouquet Blueprint Credits

Photography + Styling: Jen | Something Turquoise // Florals: Jacqueline Davis // Stool: Target // Wool: Grey Fox Felting

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