Awesome and FREE, DIY "happy tears" wedding handkerchief gift tags!
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder October 14, 2015

DIY | Wedding Handkerchief “Happy Tears” Gift Tags

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You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again – I love the little details – especially heartfelt gifts. Today’s fabulous DIY project is our fifth in this special series sponsored by Fiskars… where the inspiration from each project has been influenced by a real wedding we’ve published – so fun! My goal with these projects is to share how you can find a wedding day detail on Something Turquoise, Pinterest or anywhere on the web and truly make it your own. Use my FREE tag downloads and detailed steps to create lovely wedding handkerchief gifts for those closest to you. Choose from 4 different tag sayings to encourage the “happy tears” to flow!

Awesome and FREE, DIY
Awesome and FREE, DIY

How adorable are these custom wedding handkerchiefs from Larkspur & Linen? They have terrific sayings for every special person in your life, and each one is only $16!

Awesome and FREE, DIY
Awesome and FREE, DIY

Real DIY Wedding Inspiration

When I first laid eyes on Gentry + Jennifer’s beautiful DIY wedding I was smitten… especially with her gorgeous reception dress. They took time to create special, heartfelt details that would celebrate not only their marriage but their guests as well. Images by JOPHOTO.

Beautiful DIY wedding photographed by JOPHOTOS

For Your Happy Tears

Probably one of the sweetest gifts you can give your parents and close family is a custom wedding handkerchief. Weddings are so emotionally charged for those closest to the couple tying the knot – so be prepared! I ran with this idea of a gift box to hold these special little hankies and created designs that you can use both as belly bands like these and tags!

For your Happy Tears... darling parents handkerchief gifts!
Awesome and FREE, DIY


  • Fiskars 12″ Deluxe Paper Trimmer with Aluminum Cut Rail
  • Fiskars Square Lever Punch XXX-Large
  • Fiskars Heart Hand Punch
  • Fiskars 8″ Mixed Media Shears
  • Fiskars Majestic Paper Edger
  • 5″ Pillow Boxes
  • Pretty 12″ x 12″ Scrapbooking Paper
  • 8.5″ x 11″ Cardstock
  • Glue Dots Adhesive
  • Gold Twine
Awesome and FREE, DIY

Assemble Your Pillow Boxes

You can find pillow boxes like these almost anywhere, from Target to Michaels and even Etsy.

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Download + Print My Free Tag Designs

At the end of the post you will find my free “happy tears” tag designs; I created 4 different sayings for you. Download and print onto 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock of your choice. I created the spacing of the designs specifically so that you can use them as belly bands or as punched tags!

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Cut The Tags

I’m using my new favorite trimmer, the Fiskars Deluxe Paper Trimmer to trim the designs to make them easy to punch. I love how the aluminum cut rail really holds the paper in place while cutting. It also has a unique score blade which we will be using later in this project.

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Punch Your Tags

Using the Fiskars Square Lever Punch XXX-Large, punch out each tag design. The measurement of the tag is 2.5″ x 2.5″. Lever punches make crafting so easy!

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Add Some Hearts

Here I’m using the Fiskars Heart Hand Punch to punch the tag hole and add a little embellishment. This detail is optional but adorable!

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Cut Scrapbooking Paper Wrapping

Measure your pillow box and then cut a few strips of pretty scrapbooking paper to wrap them in. My box is 4 3/8″ high so I cut 3″ x 12″ strips.

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Change To The Scoring Blade

Simply pop off the cut blade and replace with the scoring blade for this next step.

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Score the Wrapping Paper

Pretty cardstock tends to be fairly thick and so since this awesome paper trimmer comes with a scoring blade, it’s perfect! Measure the width of your pillow box and score about 1/8″ of an inch larger than that measurement. Make two perfect folds on each side of your wrapping. This step is optional but will make your gift look professional.

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Wrap Your Pillow Box

Since we scored the wrapping paper, it folds perfectly around the box just like it’s meant to! Use your favorite scrapbooking adhesive to adhere the paper to the box.

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Easy and adorable!

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Add Your Pretty Custom Handkerchiefs

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Tie On Your Tags

I used about 100″ of gold twine for each package, folded in half to create the bold look of this twine bow.

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Belly Bands

Like I said above, you can use my designs as belly bands instead of tags! Simply cut along the lines provided and wrap around your box instead. Here I used the Fiskars Majestic Paper Edger to embellish the cut edge. I think that both options are equally as darling!

Awesome and FREE, DIY
Awesome and FREE, DIY

What Saying Do You Like The Most?

  • For Your Tears of Happiness
  • For Your Tears of Joy
  • For Your Tears of Joy + Laughter
  • For Your Happy Tears
Awesome and FREE, DIY
Awesome and FREE, DIY

DIY Tutorial Sponsored By:

Sponsored by Fiskars

Known for its iconic Orange-Handled Scissors™, Fiskars is a 365-year-old company with a strong heritage of quality and innovation. Fiskars is a leader in the DIY industry with tools spanning the categories of crafting & sewing, gardening & yard care, and kids & school. In addition to providing scissors, punches, trimmers, rotary cutters and many other tools, Fiskars shares inspiring project ideas to help DIY-ers do what they love using tools that make projects easier.

Awesome and FREE, DIY

Click for the-happy-tears

As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY and it will show up on our Get Social page. Happy Crafting!

DIY Tutorial Credits

Photography + DIY Tutorial + Free download: Jen Carreiro of Something Turquoise // 12″ Deluxe Paper Trimmer with Aluminum Cut Rail, Square Lever Punch XXX-Large, Heart Hand Punch, 8″ Mixed Media Shears and Majestic Paper Edger: courtesy of Fiskars // Custom Wedding Handkerchiefs: Larkspur & Linen, $16 each // 5″ Kraft Pillow Boxes: Scrap Bits // Gold Twine: Amazon // Craft Glue Dots: Amazon // nail polish: OPI – Withstands the Test of Thyme

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