DIY Nail Polish Kit
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder June 05, 2015

New DIY Nail Polish Kit + Giveaway!

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You might have seen the DIY Nail Polish Bar project that I shared a few months ago, and well DIY nail polish is now all the rage! It’s beyond easy to make, the quality of the polish rivals OPI and there is nothing better than having complete creative control – especially over your nails. So I’ve partnered with Darby Smart to bring you my favorite Bramble Berry nail polish products – all in one kit and it’s available for purchase today!

DIY Nail Polish Kit by Something Turquoise

Even buying the kit is fun, you get to pick your mica shades and how many bottles you want to make… the supplies list is there for you, all you have to do is choose a few options and buy. The price breaks down to about $3.50 per bottle!

DIY Nail Polish Kit by Something Turquoise

Just in case you need a refresher on how easy it is to make nail polish…

How to make your own nail polish!

  1. Carefully pour the nail polish base into the bottle.
  2. Add 2 mixing balls to each bottle.
  3. Now the fun part! Using a small scoop, add anywhere from 10-25 scoops of mica powder to each bottle. Use our custom recipes (that come in the kit) or feel free to create your own! Each mica looks beautiful by itself, but they also look wonderful mixed together. Add multiple scoops of pearly white to lighten the shades and add a small scoop of black to darken the shades. The less mica you use the lighter your nail polish shade will be and vise versa.
  4. Add the brush and screw the bottle cap on tightly.
  5. Shake!
  6. Keep shaking!
  7. Done… now paint your nails!

For more detailed nail polish making tips + tricks you can visit this post.

In celebration of this new kit launch, we are giving away an awesome DIY Nail Polish Party Kit large enough for 6 gals to get crafty! This kit would make an awesome addition to a “bridesmaids meeting party” or even a bachelorette party. Think about it, you gals can make custom nail polish to wear on your wedding day! Enter to win the kit by clicking on the image below. Contest ends 6/14/15.

Win a DIY Nail Polish Kit for 6!

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