DIY wedding bouquet
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder January 20, 2015

Bouquet Blueprint | Vibrant Pinks, Bright Oranges, Soft Blue

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This bright and happy Bouquet Blueprint that we have for you today sure matches our beautiful southern California weather. I feel very sorry for pretty much everyone else in the country but hopefully this bunch will warm your hearts! Vibrant pinks, bright oranges, and glowing yellow petals are paired with the softest blue hydrangea I’ve ever seen to create a true feast for the eyes. So many different textures and colors are at play and yet it still feels like a cohesive design, probably because Jacki of Floral Design by Jacqueline Ahne is a master at what she does! Below she shares the availability, care and individual flowers used to create this stunning bouquet. Whether it’s created for the bride or her maids, it will be a show-stopper either way.

DIY wedding bouquetBright and happy wedding bouquet


All of the flowers used in this bright bouquet are technically available year round, however, the peak season is spring through fall. When selecting the flowers for your wedding it is definitely more cost effective to pick flowers that in their peak season during your event. The cost of ranunculus, for example, is over double in December versus May.

Bright and happy wedding bouquet


  • 1/3 bunch (about 3 stems) dianthus
  • 10 stems goldenrod ranunculus
  • 10 stems pale orange tulips
  • 5 stems pink dahlias
  • 5 stems dark orange pin cushion proteas
  • 5 stems light blue hydrangea
  • Ribbon

Wedding bouquet ingredientsDIY wedding bouquet


This happy bouquet has quite a range of textures and blooms! There are also a variety of care needs for these flowers. The pin cushion proteas and dianthus are extremely hardy and can last out of water all day. The ranunculus and tulips will do well for a few hours out of water because they are supported by the hydrangea but on their own they will start to bend and look wilted. The most delicate are the dahlias and hydrangea. Because it does have some delicate flowers, it is best to keep the bouquet in water until you are ready to walk down the aisle.

Bright and happy wedding bouquet

Bouquet Blueprint Credits

Photography: Something Turquoise Photography for Something Turquoise // Florals by: Floral Designs by Jacqueline Ahne // Styling: Jen | Something Turquoise // light blue dress: Victorias Secret

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