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Jen Causey-Kidder October 09, 2014

How To Play The “Wedding Shoe Game”

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Inspired by the wedding we shared a few weeks ago with the darling image of Paul + Allison playing “the wedding shoe game” – we decided to create a fun and fresh new list of awesome questions for you to use at your wedding!

The Wedding Shoe Game

Image courtesy of: Chloe Moore Photography via Brides

How to play the game:

First, decide on your list of questions, or better yet have your bridesmaids develop the list so that both of you are completely surprised when they are asked. At your reception (or at your engagement party or co-ed bridal shower) after dinner and a few drinks have been enjoyed, sit back to back each holding one of your own shoes and one of your partners’ shoes. Then someone like the DJ asks you both a series of silly questions, you raise the correct shoe of who you think fits the answer the best and it turns into a hilarious he-said, she-said kind of thing. As you can see from these pictures…

The Wedding Shoe Game

Images courtesy of: Michele Shore Photography

Question Ideas:

Keep the questions light, funny and not too serious. Here are 50 fun question ideas for you, although asking 50 during the game might be a little much – we advise narrowing the list down to 20-30 so that the game doesn’t last much longer than 10 minutes. This is a fun activity that will break up the evening and get everyone belly laughing.

  1. Whose idea was it to play this game?
  2. Who said “I love you” first?
  3. Who is more romantic?
  4. Who always replaces the toilet paper roll?
  5. Who chooses where you eat for dinner?
  6. Who is the better cook?
  7. Who made the first move?
  8. Who is better at keeping secrets?
  9. Who is more likely to be running late?
  10. Who is a better dresser?
  11. Who spends more money?
  12. Who is a better dancer?
  13. Who is the most organized?
  14. Who has the most clothes?
  15. Who has the most shoes?
  16. Who spends more time on Facebook?
  17. Who spends more time on Instagram?
  18. Who calls their parents the most?
  19. Who will be making dinner every night?
  20. Who will be doing the grocery shopping?
  21. Who is more likely to get a traffic ticket?
  22. Who will be doing the laundry?
  23. Who is the loudest?
  24. Who planned the honeymoon?
  25. Who is the better kisser?
  26. Who loses things the most?
  27. Who will make the coffee in the morning?
  28. Who is better at sports?
  29. Who watches the most tv?
  30. Who is more likely to kill a spider?
  31. Who would mow the lawn?
  32. Who wants a baby first?
  33. Who is the messiest?
  34. Who would drive on a road trip?
  35. Who remembers family and friends’ birthdays?
  36. Who will squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube?
  37. Who will make the bed?
  38. Who will pay the bills?
  39. Who will wake up first?
  40. Who works out more?
  41. Whose friends will be over more?
  42. Who buys the best gifts?
  43. Who is more picky about where you live?
  44. Who will pick your next vacation spot?
  45. Who will clean the house?
  46. Who will use up all the hot water?
  47. Who always knows what time it is?
  48. Who will determine the next car you buy?
  49. Who has the craziest family?
  50. And lastly… Who loves the other more? Awwweeee….

Love these question ideas – print a pdf. list —> here.

The Wedding Shoe Game

Images courtesy of: Traci J. Brooks Studios via Capitol Romance // bobbi + mike // Will Pursell Photography via Something Turquoise // Vtran Photography // Moment Junkie

Just in case you don’t like the thought of using shoes, you can use flags or something similar.

The Wedding Shoe Game

Images courtesy of: SnapKnot // Brady Puryear via Wedding Chicks

Or maybe even DIY your own photo paddles like we did here!

DIY photo paddles for the wedding shoe game!

DIY Tutorial + Photography: Something Turquoise

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