September 30, 2014


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There is nothing more romantic and exotic then a lovely destination wedding. Being whisked away to a picturesque location, brimming with culture and life unlike yours back at home. Vacation brings a special mood that cannot be obtained any other way. The excitement of a far off destination is the thrill that attracts brides and grooms to plan such events. Can you see it now? Walking down an aisle with your toes in the sand… overlooking gorgeous waters with all your most important friends and family around you? Sounds like a dream right? It is and I know because I had a destination wedding!

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Once you’ve made a decision about your ideal destination wedding locale such as Mexico or the Caribbean, choosing the perfect venue for your unique event can be difficult. Do they offer wedding planning services or will you have to do it all by yourself from far away? Do you and your guests need passports? What steps do you have to take to ensure that your marriage is legal? What kind of cultural experiences can you look forward to? Will it be easy for your guests to turn your wedding into the perfect excuse for a vacation? The team at Caribbean and Latin America Marriott and JW Resorts make it easy to answer all those questions and more. They’ve created a darling decision-tree Matrimony Quiz below that in a few quick steps will lead you to the ideal venue for your destination wedding.

Wasn’t that fun? Once you’ve landed on your ideal CALA Marriott or JW Resorts location, simply click the image to learn more. Make sure to check out the photo gallery and the testimonials sections to really get the true feel of each property. After you’ve made your venue decision, it’s time for the fun part! All the planning… not only are you planning the most important day of your lives but you are also planning a trip that you and your guests will never forget, which is priceless.


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