August 24, 2011

Hello Studios brought us today’s beautiful ‘day after’ session or ‘trash the dress’ session. What is that you might ask? Well… the day after your wedding, the week after or whenever you please – you get back into your wedding attire and have fun with your favorite photographer! Why would you do this? There are plenty of reasons why a day after shoot is a terrific idea: 1. The lighting wasn’t ideal on your wedding day. 2. Stress levels where high and you weren’t your best. 3. Time ran out for portraits 4. You want to put your dress on again! 5. You love taking photos with your husband/wife. 6. The most common reason, the bride wants more beautiful pictures of her and her man! This shoot is a perfect example of how fun a day after session can be… such a cute kiss in the waves! No bride would get into the ocean on her wedding day… but the day after – why not!!! Styled by the very talented Lindye Galloway, this adorable campfire themed shoot is just SO romantic. What a perfect way to end your special weekend.

Campfire Day After Session


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