Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder June 10, 2011

editorial | bridal shoot

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Todays post is extremely special to me… because it is of me! My husband and I were married five years ago in Avalon, California… Catalina Island. We had no money and we barely had a photographer. We had been wanting to do a shoot with me in my wedding dress for a while but were never really inspired. We were going to the island for a few days to relax and a couple days before we left we decided to do my special shoot over there. It was a blast! We shot for six hours, two different looks… a more relaxed look  (which is how I actually looked on my wedding day)… and a more glammed up version. Cathy, our wedding planner on the island (who we still keep in touch with) loaned us her golf cart and we shot all over the island. People shouted, “wheres the groom?” and I replied, “behind the camera”.

When I wear this necklace, everyone asks where I got it… Forever 21 for $8.90!

My glasses, bracelet and ring from my second look are from Forever 21 as well. In my first look, I made my own jewelry and my mom made my vail, both are from my wedding. I did my hair because I am actually a hair dresser by day. My large flower is from Michaels and I just cut the stem off and pinned it in my hair. My favorite florist is Bloom Floral Design on Catalina island and they made me that adorable bouquet last minute… they also did my wedding flowers. I have a terrific story about my dress but I’m saving that for a different post.

Flowers : Bloom Floral Design, Dress: Ralph Lauren

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