April 4, 2014

Today I have a super fun, totally easy and completely cost effective “favor” project for you! How to create these sparkly (glass-like top) glitter wine stoppers… which would make the most perfect bridal shower or bachelorette party favors! Or maybe if you are having a wine themed wedding, and you feel brave, you could make one for every guest! I must add, that after all is said and done – these beauties only cost $0.60 a piece… aren’t they even better looking now that you know how cheap they are!?! 




Start by adding a thin layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic glue to the top of the cork.


Next, shake on a bunch of chunky glitter. Using your finger pat the glitter that is hanging off the edges inward and make sure you are happy with the coverage of glitter across the top of the cork. **I tried out lots of different styles of glitter, but the larger sequins look best.


Now, make a whole bunch – it hardly takes any time at all! I’ve made at least 50 of these and I still have 1/3 bottle of glue left, just to give you an example.


Once the first coat of glue/glitter has dried completely you are ready for the “thick, glass style” coat of glue. Make sure you are working on a surface where you can leave these corks to dry completely without moving them.


Apply a SUPER THICK coat of the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. As you can see from the images below, you are looking for the glue to pile up and form a dome on top of the glitter/cork. If there are any air bubbles you MUST remove them, otherwise they will dry just as they are. You can pop or scrape them away with a needle. 


This ‘dome’ will dry completely as is; crystal clear and beautiful… just like glass! 


Make sure to leave them alone while drying. If you tilt the cork, the glue will leak right down the side. Ours took about 10 hours to dry completely, so I recommend doing this last step in the evening – so you can just let them dry overnight. 

Once dry, they have an awesome “glass-like” finish on top with loads of glitter underneath!


These sparkling beauties would make perfect bridal shower or bachelorette party favors!


As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!

something turquoise DIY

Photography: Studio 11 Weddings // DIY tutorial by: Jen | Something Turquoise // tapered corks: Jelinek Cork Group // Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter (in sterling, florentine gold, tourmaline, kunzite, charoite) and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic: Michaels // nail polish: OPI – Love Angel Music Baby

April 3, 2014

“Everything came together beautifully for Brenda and Kasey’s engagement session. Their choice of outfits, sweet props, and glowing light created the perfect back drop to showcase their love. As a wedding coordinator, Brenda knows how to envision the perfect event and will have tons of great DIY details to personalize their day. They are some of the sweetest and easy going people, and we are honored to photograph their wedding this fall!” – Walking Eagle Photography


“Well, I am a Wedding & Event Director/ Coordinator in Carlsbad and through-out the 7 years of experience I have worked with MANY photographers and vendors, and it wasn’t until I met Laura and Clay from Walking Eagle Photography – that I fell in love with any photographer or photo. I have done many weddings and events with the two of them and each time we work together they are always calm, passionate and focused. They are so sweet, reasonable and most importantly talented. I can’t say enough, and my pictures speak lengths of their work, I’ve even had people message me on Facebook and email asking me about my engagement photos because they are so unique and impressive…


..OH YES! haha!

Well, like I said I am a wedding coordinator and I have coordinated weddings of all shapes and sizes. So with that said I know how important and special it is to customize and embellish your wedding with the brides and grooms hobbies, interests and personality. My fiancé is a landscaper and LOVES plants and designing with plants, so we will have a lot of plant walls, potted succulent gifts and plants incorporated through-out our florals. We are also getting crafty and making our agenda on used pallets, creating mixed linen backdrops, and the list could really go on. Something near and dear to our heart is the Chile infused tequila we are making for our specialty drink. We fell in-love with “Chili-Margs” over a year ago and it’s our go to when we are looking to enjoy a sunset drink or meet with some friends, so we have been practicing infusing our own tequila with various chilies and flavors and hopefully we master this in time for the wedding!


..Our wedding will be held at Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad California. The location is a perfect mix of beauty, rustic and calm. Our setting will be heavy floral and plants (at my fiancé’s request), with gold and blush touches, and we have 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen (yikes!). With all of the love, beauty and support around us I can’t wait to see my fiancé for the first time at a special and private first look, I can’t wait to exchange our personal vows, toast with a margarita and share our love under the summer stars with our closest family and friends!” – Brenda, the bride-to-be

April 2, 2014

“It might have been the hottest day of the year, but that did not stop Bryn and Mark from having a beautiful outdoor wedding at the Kern County Museum. I loved everything about their wedding, from the grey suits to the beautiful flowers by House of Flowers. Bryn has been a friend of mine for most of my life and it was just so special to be able to photograph her and Mark’s lovely wedding day.” – Ashley dePencier Photography


“It’s so hard to pick just one! The whole day was AMAZING! But if I had to pick, I would pick two. The first one would be seeing my husband and his reaction as I was walking down the aisle. We decided to go the traditional route and not see each other on our wedding day until I was walking down the aisle. Nothing is better than seeing your grooms expression the first time he sees you. The second one would be the reveal I did with my dad. I didn’t see him the whole day until an hour before the wedding when I was all ready. We cleared the bridesmaids out of the room we were getting ready in and had my dad come in. It was very emotional ( it helped me get all the “ugly” crying out so I wouldn’t be a mess walking down the aisle ha) and so nice to have that special moment alone with my dad. It’s a memory I will cherish forever…


..Yes! My uncle made the arbor that we used over our head table to hang chandeliers on. We did our own wedding favors by filling little coffee bags and tied them with a little thank you note. We also made signs directing people to where our wedding ceremony and reception were…


..Enjoy the process and your engagement, it goes by so fast! Also, don’t stress the little things! If something doesn’t go the way you hoped or wanted, you are going to be the only one who knows. The guests will have no idea, and they won’t care. :)” – Bryn, the bride


Photography and Invitations: Ashley DePencier Photography // Venue: Kern County Museum in Bakersfield, CA // Wedding dress: Liancarlo, ‘Style 5830′: Mon Amie // Mismatched Bridesmaid dresses: Ann Taylor // Grooms and Groomsmen Tuxedos: BLACK by Vera Wang in Gray Slim Fit Tuxedo: Men’s Wearhouse // Coordinator: SHE (Shannon Hough Events) // Flowers: House of Flowers // Cake: Courtney Ghilarducci // DJ: Let the Music Play – Bino’s Entertainment // Rentals/Decorations: A Berry in The Wild

April 1, 2014

“Abigail is one of those people that cares so much about other people, but never expects it in return. Because of that, her bridesmaids wanted to throw her the perfect shower. Being one of her bridesmaids myself I helped plan, excite, and enjoy this special day for Abby. All of us girls were on a budget so we needed to be very cost aware, but we still wanted to throw a good shower. We delegated obligations, took over her mom’s house, and only had a few minor panics. Since Abby and her soon-to-be husband love to cook together, we decided to have a kitchen themed shower. All of the paper goods had silverware and dishes on them, we gave away hand stamped tea towels for favors, and (my favorite) had everyone write a word of advice on a wooden spoon. Overall the day ended up great, and perfect for our bride to be. There were lots of laughs, hugs, and love towards this wonderful girl that we all cherish. Seeing her be a bit emotional because of all of the love coming her way was an absolute delight for me. My favorite quote of the day? “This is the best shower I’ve ever been to!!” – Spencer Studios


“My favorite things about my bridal shower were seeing the faces of all my beautiful friends, how well everything was coordinated and how thoughtful the kitchen theme was! I absolutely love cooking and my bridesmaids took all of that into consideration…


..All of the decorations, invitations, game cards, food, and favors were DIY-ed by my bridesmaids! They made an adorable flag banner from fabric scraps and ribbon, a fabric floral arrangement of epic proportions, hand-stamped tea towels to give to guests, matching stationary for the invites and thank-you’s PLUS cards to use during game time, pretty paper badges for myself and the winners of each game, and they even made me a fabric bouquet. It was precious and entirely scrapbook-worthy! A perfect way to say bon-voyage right before my destination wedding…


..Our wedding was a planned elopement, so there wasn’t a lot of decoration required but I did DIY my hair piece for our ceremony! It’s now one of my favorite DIY projects. I took my great-grandmother’s old string of pearls and turned it into a hair comb. It’s the sentimental things that meant the most to me at our wedding. In addition to the comb, I broke the flower bouquet tradition and carried a journal. Over the years, we’ve written letters to each other in this journal, and now our vows are kept among them! But the best part of all was simply marrying the man I loved and sharing it in a beautiful, intimate setting!” – Abigail the bride

April 1, 2014

Although it’s April Fools Day… there’s no fooling around about our love for Etsy Artisans! Today I created a mini Etsy inspiration board meant to delight the ‘art deco’ bride and groom. Gold and black is a must for this style of event… it’s classic, romantic and bold. 

art deco wedding ideasPin

All of the images above are from current Etsy listings ~ shop them below!

etsy seller credits

Best Day Ever Wedding Cake Topper – Gold: Better Off Wed // Vintage Art Deco Sheer Back Wedding Dress: Aria Vintage // Art Deco Letterpress Wedding Invitation: Banter & Charm // Jumbo, gold table confetti: Wedding Ambience // Art Deco Black Spinel Cushion Gemstone ring in 14k Gold: Madelynn Cassin Designs // Art Deco Gold and Black Table Number Cards: Tri Elegance