April 22, 2014

The months and special moments spent planning your wedding day should be some of the happiest of your life. They shouldn’t be spent worrying about vendor’s canceling, venue’s going bankrupt, or worse yet, a sudden death or illness in your immediate family – all of these unexpected circumstances could cause you to have to change or postpone your wedding day with extreme financial consequences. That’s why we are introducing you to Markel Wedding Insurance, aka: complete peace of mind for your big day.


I was personally affected by an unexpected turn of events during my wedding planning and unfortunately I didn’t have wedding insurance. Less than six months before our wedding day, our venue was sold and we were told that they were no longer honoring our contract! Not only had we put down an outrageous deposit, but I had already purchased Save-the-Dates (in fact I was about to mail them out the day I heard!), wedding invitations, favors… and I was already working with the catering company. It took hours of painstaking work on my part to recover all our lost funds, and once refunded, we were left with less than five months to plan our wedding – from scratch.

No bride should have to experience what I went through… 


My story is just one of the many tragic events that can drastically effect your wedding day… but if you plan ahead and purchase wedding insurance with Markel - you can rest at ease knowing you will be taken care of through almost any type of disaster! Imagine your catering company going bankrupt, a hurricane passing through your town, your mom becoming ill or even a last minute military deployment – all of these incidences are covered and your investment will be protected. If your wedding is canceled or postponed due to covered circumstances like the ones above – Markel’s wedding cancellation coverage will reimburse you for lost deposits, damage to your wedding attire, cancellation fees, photography mishaps, and even for lost or stolen jewelry and gifts. 

Plus, they offer Wedding Liability Insurance coverage which would help protect you and your groom from financial loss if an accident occurred at or after your wedding (like if grandma accidentally fell on the dance floor and got hurt or if your best friend had a few too many drinks and got into a car accident on the way home). So ensure that your wedding day will truly be spent celebrating your new life with friends and family… by signing up with Markel today.


Still looking for more information? Visit MarkelInsuresFun.com to learn more. With policies starting at $75 (the actual price of your specific policy is based on location, the coverages you choose, and your total wedding budget), it is highly worth it!


April 21, 2014

“While Guests enjoyed panoramic views of the ocean for this Half Moon Bay, CA wedding, Deze was waiting anxiously to walk down the aisle to her groom. Everyone wondered how beautiful Deze would be but no one could have imagined how truly breathtaking she was. Her gaze met his, and smiles became infectious. Deze and Brian are the type of couple who can change your day by spending time with them. They are kind, intentional and are very much in love! Tiffany blue and hues of pink, orange and yellow pulled the day together and Deze’s vision for her day came together like a dream. Our long distance Skype dates had me dreaming of what this day would be like, and it was everything Deze described and more!

We couldn’t be more thankful for Deze and Brian! Pinterest connected two lovebirds in CA to two photographers in love in Texas and it couldn’t have been a better pairing. Their kindness, intentionality and joy were a blessing we won’t soon forget and we wish them all the happiness in the world!” – Jennefer Wilson

SomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0001.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0002.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0004.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0003.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0005.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0008.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0009.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0010.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0007.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0013.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0016.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0014.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0015.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0017.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0018.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0020.jpgPinView More: http://jenneferwilson.pass.us/deze--brianPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0021.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0022.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0023.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0024.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0025.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0026.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0027.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0011.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0028.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0012.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0029.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0030.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0031.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0032.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0033.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0006.jpgPinView More: http://jenneferwilson.pass.us/deze--brianPinView More: http://jenneferwilson.pass.us/deze--brianPinView More: http://jenneferwilson.pass.us/deze--brianPinView More: http://jenneferwilson.pass.us/deze--brianPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0037.jpgPinView More: http://jenneferwilson.pass.us/deze--brianPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0034.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0035.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0036.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0038.jpgPinView More: http://jenneferwilson.pass.us/deze--brianPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0044.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0039.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0040.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0041.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0042.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0043.jpgPinView More: http://jenneferwilson.pass.us/deze--brianPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0045.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_DIY_beach_wedding_Jennefer_Wilson_0046.jpgPinST_favorite_wedding_day_memory

“This is a tough question! It’s very tough to pick out one single memory in such an amazing day as my most favorite. I do have have to say that I’m very glad that my husband and I got some time together before our wedding when we did “our first look”. Our ceremony took place on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean so it was a nice, relaxing moment to spend together before all the festivities began…


..Yes! I did several DIY pieces for our wedding. In fact, most of the reception pieces were DIY including various signs (outside reception chalk board, candy buffet, sparklers, Mr. & Mrs. sign, etc.), table decorations, sand ceremony kit, table numbers and table number key/chart). I even did the flowers for the whole reception with the help of my mom, sister and mother-in-law!


..Of course; I had all four! My blue and new items were my garter and shoes while my something borrowed was the hanger that I used to hang my dress on and that I also used for my dress pictures. My little sister had gotten the hanger for her special day so I was able to borrow it from her to do the same. My something old was a piece of lace that my mom cut from her wedding bouquet from my parent’s wedding. She gave me this on the morning of my wedding and I had it incorporated into my bouquet as well!


..Give yourself plenty of time to plan, be as creative as possible and enjoy every minute. Ultimately, no matter what you decide, your day will be perfect. You will most likely stress over little things but in the long run, it will all be worth it!” – Deze, the bride


photography: Jennefer Wilson // venue: Half Moon Bay Golf Links // dress: Monique Lou // bridesmaid dresses: DELia*s // men’s attire: Calvin Klein // hair & makeup: Aqua Beauty Lounge // cake: Ashley Wilson from Papa Haydn // ceremony and bridal party flowers: Jane’s Personalized Flower Services

April 19, 2014

Hooorraaayy…. for the weekend and for Easter! My family always throws a huge picnic in the park, so I’ll be relaxing in the sun, grilling, playing games and hanging with my favorites. Whatever your plans include I hope this holiday treats you well – thanks for stopping by – I appreciate it! xoxo


Image courtesy of: Love Meets Life Photography

diy wedding ideas

This past week we have had the pleasure of featuring so many awesome posts!!! We shared two beautifully DIY-ed weddings, the BEST 10 Wedding Tips from our DIY brides, a darling engagement session on the beach, a #SomethingTurquoise themed inspiration board for Crate & Barrel, and last but not least how to make your own Swarovski ‘something blue’!!! You can easily find all these posts by clicking on each of the images below! 


April 18, 2014

I love the ‘something blue’ tradition… after all it’s what sparked the name ‘something turquoise’! So today I’m sharing three shiny ideas for fun and easy ‘something blue’ details using Swarovski crystals and a heat setting tool! If you are the sparkly-type of DIY bride… you will fall in LOVE with this tool ;)



  • Swarovski Elements Hotfix Crystal Tool
  • Hotfix Crystals in your choice of ‘blue’ color


There are two ways to apply these crystals… 1) As the box says – pick up the crystal with the correct size tip, once you see the glue melting place it onto your clothing item. That didn’t work well for me… so I choose: 2) layout your crystal design idea on a piece of felt (or other surface where your crystals won’t slide around on you) to start…


..then transfer the design to the article of clothing, in this case a wedding dress. Press the hot tip to each and every crystal and hold it for 30 seconds. Move through the entire design. That’s really all there is to it!


Add your NEW initials (or maybe your grooms!) to your dress and frame with a heart! 


Here I’m adding the very popular “I Do” to the bottom of a pair of wedding shoes. Using the same steps as above, apply heat to each and every crystal for 30 seconds.


**It was a bit tricky to avoid the heel with the heat wand, but I made it work.


SO cute! The dot of the i and the period is our ‘something blue’!


You could also do this on your grooms shoes… or maybe even your bridesmaids… with a different saying of course ;)


Don’t forget your undergarments! 


This one little tool can make you unlimited sparkling wedding embellishments! 


Get the supplies you need to make this project from our affiliate links below:

As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!


Photography: Studio 11 Photography // DIY tutorial by: Jen | Something Turquoise // Swarovski Elements Hotfix Tool and Crystals (in Clear 10ss, Blue Zircon 12ss, Aquamarine 12ss, Denim Blue 4mm) : Amazon but also available at Michaels // gorgeous wedding dress: Allure Bridals #2569 // cute undies: Target // nail polish: OPI – Designer de Better

April 17, 2014

“As a photographer, going into an engagement session with a client that you haven’t met can be a little demanding as you aren’t always sure of your client’s vision, personality and expectations. This was not the case with Rachel & Rob. A few minutes of discussion before the session opened up and I couldn’t wait to get shooting! Rachel and Rob have a fun and relaxed chemistry together and were so easy to work with and open to ideas and a little guidance. They ‘re a great example to every engaged couple of how to work an engagement session… enjoy your moments together and your images will be natural, beautiful and show the true essence of why you fell in love with each other!” – Palm Beach Photography


Tonya Laker with Palm Beach Photography shot my friend’s wedding at Frenchman’s Reserve, and the photos were so beautiful that I decided to use her for our engagement session. We met at Dubois Park in Jupiter where we had the beach, boardwalks, palm trees, a boat, woodsy areas with sea grape trees, the Jupiter Lighthouse, and of course the beach – we had a great backdrop for the day! Tonya quickly made us feel comfortable behind the camera (after a few awkward silly shots and our nerves settled). She gave us just the right amount of guidance as far as how to pose, where to stand, where to put our hands, whether to smile or close our eyes – she made it easy and our photos turned out absolutely gorgeous and I can’t stop looking at them! We loved them so much that we decided on an z-fold invitation which had a place for five pictures and I can’t tell you how many nice comments I’ve had on them. It was a nice touch since we didn’t have time to send save the dates with a picture.


..Yes, I’m having a beach wedding, and since my sister (my MOH) is very artistic, we decided to hand paint our table numbers using a 4×4 card stock and water colors using a beach and sea critters theme. The first one she painted was a cute little seahorse, one with a branchy orange coral scene and another with a starfish. They are adorable and I’m so happy that my sister has been excited to help me with this and make it personal. We may also carry this theme to the escort cards and paint the edges with coral branches. Another DIY project I’m going to do is to make a mango scented salt body scrub as favors. It’s perfect for the beach and so easy to make! I will be using epsom salt as the base, almond oil, and a mango scented fragrance oil. We’ll be placing the scrub inside small glass jars and adding a personalized tag. Another thing I’m making is a beach themed card box for the gift table. I have a vision in mind of a burlap covered box decorated with some of the many shells and sea fans I’ve collected over the years from different islands!


..I am most looking forward to our beautiful location and seeing my grooms face as I walk to meet him! We decided against a first look because I want all of the nerves and all the excitement of seeing each other for the first time during our ceremony! We are being married on a bluff overlooking the ocean and surrounded by sea grape trees. I’m also excited about the decor my florist is providing. We will have glass teardrop shaped orchid blooms hanging from the sea grape trees surrounding the ceremony and also an arch made of bamboo decorated with coral, pink and white roses. And how could I forget my dress – I’m so excited about it! I wanted something beachy and flowy and not too formal, which was hard to find, but I finally found it on the Miracle Mile in Miami. It’s an off-white, strapless chiffon dress that has a small train that just pools around my feet. Both me and my sister teared up as soon as I put it on so I knew in that moment that it was the one!” – Rachel, the bride-to-be