I am a craft enthusiast that thrives on a new DIY. I started following Something Turquoise way before I was even married because I loved the tutorials. After being the 2018 Bridal Blogger, I came onto the team as the social media coordinator and now I’m also creating DIY tutorials! I was so inspired by Something Turquoise that I created my own blog called Hein & Dandy, founded on crafts, creative writing, inspired by adventure, and wellness. I’m fueled by fitness and sunshine. I teach group fitness and love seeing people transformed physically and spiritually. If it involves the lake, I’m in! Rollerblading around them or paddle boarding in them, the lake is my happy place. Minnesota born and raised but am always looking for a new state or country to explore. People have described me as “cute but weird”, which I’m going to take as a compliment. I am not afraid to sing and dance my grocery list while walking down the isles of Trader Joe’s, Jessica Day would be proud.

Follow this link to find all my articles on Something Turquoise!

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