Help save our flower farmers with Fifty Florals.
Lauren Koster
Lauren Koster April 08, 2020

Save The Growers With Fifty Flowers

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Fifty Flowers is one of our favorite partners to work with. They have provided STUNNING flowers for our Fall DIY bouquet bar and our DIY wedding arch florals, among others. If you’ve ever clicked over from one of our posts and clicked on their about section, you know that Fifty Flowers is an online flower wholesaler that bridges the gap between flower farms and the floral customer. From casual flower buyer to wedding floral professional, Fifty Flowers has the quantity and variety for any project. As you probably have inferred, the wedding industry has taken a HUGE hit with the spread of Covid-19 and the subsequent social distancing orders. The wedding industry is made up largely of small businesses, from your photographer to your florist, rental company and even your favorite wedding blogs, almost all small businesses, and we are figuring out how to survive this crisis. Fifty Flowers has come up with one way that anyone, engaged or not, can support the flower industry. They launched the Save The Growers initiative

Help save our flower farmers with Fifty Florals. save the wild ranunculus

Fifty Flowers is offering farm specific flower products at a reasonable price, where ALL proceeds go directly to the farmers. Beautiful flowers need to be delivered to your doorstep to bring joy into your home & rescued from the dumpster. Talented farmers and their employees are under deep threat of losing all their hard work, and your dollars are making a difference. Join us online as we work to rally the world to support these farmers through buying and gifting flowers and tune into some live videos packed with tips and tricks on how to enjoy your flowers.

Help save our flower farmers with Fifty Florals. shop the Sweetwater Collection

The photo above is Kalin, she owns a beautiful farm in Northern Michigan. I have a personal connection to Kalin, as do many of us working in the Michigan wedding industry. She is a talented farmer, an amazing educator and supporter of women and small business. Without weddings, Kalin’s beautiful product, the hard work of her and her team, and the investment she made to grow that product will be headed for the dumpster! And without the profit from that product this year, she will not be able to fully fund next year’s crop. This is just one of the real faces and real farms we can help. When you order any of the products in the Save The Growers campaign, the profit goes directly to the farmers, plus you get beautiful fresh flowers on your doorstep. Kalin is also sending video tutorials to customers who purchase her bouquets, detailing how to arrange the pictured bouquets. It’s a win win, help a grower and beautify your home, gift a neighbor or say “thank you” to a healthcare worker by purchasing one of Fifty Flowers Save The Growers products.

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