November 18, 2019

We are a team of grateful mamas. This past year we have added 5 babies to the Something Turquoise team (with one more on the way!) and it has been a wildly amazing rollercoaster. We have learned what tired really means, we have experienced real strength, we have cried over spilled breastmilk, written blog posts during nap time, and we have all grown immensely because of it. Change can be scary, but it can also be wonderful. I have personally tried to slow down and enjoy not doing as much this year, which has been super hard, but I’m learning. This is a new season for me, it’s baby season. My job is to grow littles and to be Mama. I’m fortunate enough to be able to work three days a week and then be at home for four. I’ve learned that I need both. I need to be with my babies and I need to work, doing both keeps me the best version of me. I then truly appreciate my time at work and my time at home. I’m grateful for the little bit of balance we have found this past year, but we’ve added a new twist! Dean and I just welcomed our second baby into the world, a handsome boy named Dean Russel, on 10/25/19. He was 3.5 weeks early but healthy and strong at 6lbs 1oz and 20″. We’re currently settling into our new life as a family of five, hence this week off. He is such a wonderful addition to our family and exactly what this Mama needed. I hope that you have been enjoying our new content lately, being that we are now writing more about home, work, baby, and life in general… because we have so much more for you in store for 2020! We’ll be back next week with tons of holiday goodness for you, so enjoy your week, and we’ll see you all very soon. ~*Jen

Custom watercolor print by: @knoxvillenotes


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