Kendra Hagerman
Kendra Hagerman November 07, 2019

A Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Gift Guide For Every Style

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So you’ve decided to give the gift of bling (good choice!). A lab-grown diamond is physically, chemically, and optically identical to mined diamonds with a price that’s up to 50% less (another good choice – you’re good at this!). You can also feel good about gifting a lab-grown diamond; they are “born” in a lab, so they are eco-friendly, socially responsible, and conflict-free.

What's the difference between lab grown diamonds and traditional, mined diamonds? Find the answers here. #diamondsareforever

Whether you’re giving it to yourself or someone else, the next step is to choose a style and design. We’ve teamed up with MiaDonna to create a lab-grown diamond gift guide for every style and everyone.

What beautiful wedding rings! I like that you can stack them and that they are full of DIAMONDS! ;)

#diamond gift guide for every style. I want all these rings and necklaces!

1. For the fashion-forward one: Diamond Oval Inside Out Hoops, 2.0ctw
What makes them inside out? They have prong-set diamonds on the front and back so when you wear them, all you see are diamonds.

2. For the classic one: Diamond Tennis Bracelet, 7.0ctw
Is there anything more classic than a tennis bracelet? Elegant and feminine, this beauty makes a statement without screaming for attention.

3. For the edgy one: Eternity Diamond Band, 3.0ctw
This eternity band stacks beautifully with other jewelry or shines bright all on its own.

4. For the active one: Accented Wavy Climber Earrings
Girl on the go? These climber earrings fit snug next to the ear so they won’t get caught on anything.

5. For the simple one: Diamond Initial Bracelet
Understated and simple, the Diamond Initial Bracelet is sentimental and special.

6. For the vintage one: Antique Halo Pendant
Bling, bling! The Antique Halo Pendant features a Cushion Cut set kite style, accented by a stunning halo of diamonds.

7. For the modern one: Five Stone Lab-Grown Diamond Band, 0.50ctw
Mix, match, stack or wear this band on its own. It’s petite and modern, making it a great choice for everyday wear.

8. For the artsy one: Diamonds by the Yard Necklace
Inspired by Tiffany and Co.’s “Diamonds by the Yard” necklace, it can be layered with other jewelry or worn on its own for an elegant, simple look.

Founded in 2005 in Portland, Oregon, MiaDonna was built with a single objective: to offer consumers a beautiful, ethical, conflict-free and affordable diamond alternative that would help to free innocent children oppressed by the active conflict diamond mining industry. Their fine jewelry is handcrafted in the U.S.A. using recycled precious metals, lab-grown gemstones, and lab-grown diamonds, and is guaranteed conflict-free, crafted without negatively impacting our environment or native communities. MiaDonna is a foundation-first company and proudly gives back a minimum of 10% of their net profits from every purchase to their charity foundation, The Greener Diamond. These funds help to build mentorship, educational, agricultural, and relief programs in diamond mining communities in countries such as Liberia and Sierra Leone, Africa. Book an appointment to visit their Portland, Oregon showroom or shop online 24/7 on

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