You don't want to miss this stunning engagement session in downtown Charleston!
Shea Shoemaker
Shea Shoemaker May 30, 2019

Adorable Engagement Session in Downtown Charleston

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“This was one of the “bloomy-est” days in Charleston this year and made for a cute and colorful engagement session with Lisa and Jared. Wisteria and Azaleas provided the perfect backdrop as we strolled Downtown Charleston. We met Lisa and Jared through our neighbors Jenny and Dylan. We also recently did an engagement session for them. Being a good fit for our bride and groom to be’s is at the top of our priorities. It’s important for our personalities to jive for the sessions to be fun, and memorable.

Lisa and Jared met Spring of Freshman year at Bloomsburg University, PA in a Special Education Class. It’s funny how fate works. Lisa and Jared were assigned to the same group for a project and have been working together ever since. Jared was originally undeclared. After attending a class with Lisa once, he decided he too would venture into Special Education with hopes of working on many more group projects with Lisa. From Sophomore year on, Lisa and Jared have kept the cuteness going. They had a stent of long distance time until Jared followed the girl of his dreams to Charleston, SC. Lisa and Jared are tying the knot on board The Carolina Girl Yacht in May 2020. Their cute and colorful engagement days will be spent lounging, surfing and soaking up Charleston’s beautiful sunshine. Lisa and Jared! We had an absolute blast walking around Charleston with you guys and cannot wait to see all the exciting times you guys will be sharing over the next few years!” –Charlie Martin Photography

How did you find your photographer?

Charlie shot an engagement session for our close friends. The pictures truly portrayed their personality and love. His personality was genuine, friendly, and fun that I knew Charlie would be a perfect match for Jared and I!

What are you DIY-ing for your wedding?

For my wedding, I didn’t want that “traditional” wedding. I wanted something fun, different, and exciting. We booked our venue on The Carolina Girl Yacht. The Yacht will cruise the harbor of Charleston during sunset, as my guests dance and celebrate the night away. For DIY’s, I plan to create a photo guest book using a polaroid camera, fun personalized cups for the bar {no glass allowed on the boat}, and I will be going for a natural, greenery decor that I plan to put together myself. I am blessed with a creative eye and good hand writing that I am made for DIY!

Of all your wedding plans, what are you looking forward to the most?

Definitely the sunset on the Charleston Harbor. Not many people get to say they get to married their best friend in the Charleston Harbor while watching the sunset and looking over the Holy City. I think it will be truly magical! It’s also a bonus that I get to drive by the yacht every single day! -Lisa, the Bride

Event Credits

Photography: Charlie Martin Photography // Shoot Location: Charleston // Engagement Ring: Diamonds Direct

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