January 31, 2019

The time has come for your first dance! This is a special moment between you and your now husband! You might have a song that was yours from the start. Maybe it was the first song you sang together in the car. A song that whenever you hear it, you are reminded of each other. A moment that is captured in time! There is also a chance that you love all the songs and there isn’t one that is specifically “yours”. That is okay! That is why we are here with 50 awesome songs for you. These are songs that are perfect for your first dance. Take a listen to our Spotify playlist to start making your decision!

Top Image: Dewitt for Love Photography // Bottom Image: Steve Cowell Photo

50 Awesome First Dance Songs Spotify Playlist

There are so many little decisions that need to happen when you are planning your wedding. Especially if you are a DIY bride! Take time to listen to all the songs, I think you are going to love your options! Click save on the songs you like or create your own playlist of inspiration. Enjoy taking a little stress off your decision making!


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