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Shea Shoemaker
Shea Shoemaker January 23, 2019

Gorgeous Rustic DIY Wedding at Fontainebleau Inn

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“Sarah and Dan got married on a chilly fall day at Fontainebleau Inn in Alpine, NY. Everything about the day was so perfectly them – they paid attention to each detail and personalized everything! You can really see their love for their pets, their football team (Packers!), and all things gold and sparkly!

We did their first look and wedding party photos nearby at She-Qua-Ga Falls – an absolutely stunning waterfall. Dan tearing up after he first saw Sarah was so sweet! The wedding party was a ton of fun and I loved the bridesmaids’ mismatched gold dresses. Dan’s father has passed, and after pictures he spread some of his ashes over the waterfall – a touching and emotional moment for the whole family.

Sarah and Dan wanted to have an outdoor ceremony regardless of the weather, so they came prepared with blankets, scarves, and mittens to keep all of their guests warm! Their ceremony site was beautiful overlooking the water, and the setting sun hit the leaves perfectly to give them a golden glow. Sarah gifted Dan the Packers’ Super Bowl rings earlier that day. He put them all on and showed them off to her when she was walking down the aisle!

Sarah is super crafty and pretty much everything you see is DIY! She did all of the flowers and centerpieces herself, as well as the signage and place cards. Her sister actually owns a bakery (Frosted), so she made everything on their extensive dessert table! I loved the groom’s cake of Sarah, Dan, and their pets on Lambeau Field. The cookie fries (aka Furgal Fries after their last name) were such a cute addition too. Everything came together perfectly for Sarah and Dan’s wedding day and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it!” –Megan Rei Photography

What is your favorite wedding day memory?

Sarah: I mean the entire day was my absolutely favorite but… If I NEED to pick my favorite memory it would be the ceremony. I loved exchanging our vows and marrying my sweet, handsome and hilarious husband in front of all of our most favorite people in the world.

Daniel: Besides seeing my beautiful wife dressed up and looking as amazing as I’ve ever seen her, I would have to say the amount of compliments we got for the uniqueness of the wedding. The details, decorations, everything was all Sarah and it made me feel so proud of my now wife that she did this. She put so much time and energy into making it a perfect day that I could never give her enough credit for how perfect of a day it was.

What did you DIY for your wedding?

EVERYTHING. Every little detail was DIY. The signage, the decor, the centerpieces, the favor, the flowers, the blankets and mittens at the warming station. The more unique and personalized details at a wedding the better. Your wedding should truly be a reflection of your love story. Our programs we’re adorable and had a outline of our love story with pictures!

The setting was beautiful, and originally it wasn’t going to happen. We had to convince the venue to allow us to do our wedding outside. While it was a tad chilly, it was unforgettable. Throw blankets, mittens and scarves with a label that read ‘made with love, S & D’ kept people warm.

We love the fall and the beautiful scenery. Everything we did was unique, and totally us. From game day appetizers like potato skins and perogies to pizza and wings for dinner, the entire day was us, filled with laughter and dancing.

Any advice for brides currently in the planning process?

Breathe, be present and enjoy every single precious moment. It goes by so quickly and no matter what it will be absolutely perfect! -Sarah, the Bride

Event Credits

Photography: Megan Rei Photography // Venue: Fontaine Bleau Inn // Catering: Sweet-N-Saucy // Cake: Frosted Bakery // Invitations: Shutterfly // DJ: Sound Decision // Videographer: Cavalier // Bride's Attire: NY Bride // Hair: Alison Scott Hair // Make-up: Toria Serviss

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