We can't get enough of this adorable couple and their blizzard engagement! SO cute!
Shea Shoemaker
Shea Shoemaker January 15, 2019

Stunning Indiana Blizzard Engagement Session

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“Karli and Ty’s love story began on a snowy night when Ty and Karli’s brother were out snowmobiling. The two boys had stopped to fill up on gas at the house and Karli caught Ty’s eye. Shy and to himself, later that night Ty said, “Tell your sister I said hi”. From there they were inseparable. One of their first dates was spent ice skating and it’s remained a favorite thing to do for both of them. Since it had such meaning, Ty knew he had to incorporate ice skating into his proposal to Karli. Gathering all of her best friends to help him the plan, they planned the perfect scenario to all get-together and go skating. At one point, one of Karli’s friends led Karli out to the middle of the rink to help her practice “spinning”. Meanwhile, Ty was right behind them, ready to get into position. Karli’s friend “fell” on the ice and said, “Karli, turn around!”. Down on one knee, Ty was there and popped the question. Of course, she said YES!

Fast forward to their engagement session and the snow was absolutely the perfect element for Karli and Ty. It’s their favorite season and you can tell by their expressions a little cold didn’t bother them one bit! They are perfect for one another, loving all things outdoors, loving the country lifestyle and they are incredibly down-to-earth and as sweet as can be. I’m so excited for their love to grow and their upcoming wedding!” –Katie Osborn Photography

How did you find your photographer?

She is from the same town as us and we actually won a free session at our county fair. We had SO much fun with her so when she posted about looking for a couple to do a snow session we knew right away we would love it. We actually just got engaged about a month ago so it worked PERFECT!

What are you DIY-ing for your wedding?

I am making all my decor with my new Cricut! I love crafting and so does my fiance. We are doing a lot of wood work for the big day, as well!

What are you looking forward to the most?

The honeymoon! We love adventures so we are looking forward to going on an adventure to celebrate us. -Karli, the Bride

Event Credits

Photography: Katie Osborn Photography

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