Finally! A wedding skincare timeline that I can follow. Prep starts at 6 weeks! #engaged
Kendra Hagerman
Kendra Hagerman August 28, 2018

Bridal Beauty: A Wedding Skincare Timeline

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Glowing wedding skin is at the top of most brides’ beauty wish list, but just like everything else wedding-related, it takes time, planning, and commitment.

If you’re worried that you’re already drowning in decisions, spreadsheets, and topics you need to research, don’t worry! We’ve created a clear, concise skincare timeline to help all brides look and feel their best. To help us, we went straight to the experts at Paula’s Choice Skincare, a brand known for its research, expert beauty advice, and science.

Getting married? You need this skincare wedding countdown to help you get that glowing bridal look!

Wedding Skincare Countdown

Countdown: Six Weeks

Stress, sleepless DIY craft nights, travel, and everyday life can impact your skin’s overall appearance, so it’s best to start paying some extra attention to your skin six weeks before your wedding date.

Now is the time to start a simple skincare routine that you can continue to maintain for the entire time leading up to the wedding and even once the wedding is over. To start, determine your skin type, then choose products that target your issues and concerns. If you want to take the guesswork out of choosing products altogether, take this skincare routine finder quiz to get a customized regimen created just for you.

Countdown: Five Weeks

Focus on maintaining your newly implemented routine and avoid any major skincare changes. While it may seem like a good idea to get a peel, microdermabrasion, or even a facial, these treatments risk an unexpected skin reaction.

If you want to try an exfoliant, consider trying an at-home AHA or BHA Exfoliant to get rid of dead skin and dullness.

Skincare wedding countdown! We've created an easy skincare timeline to help you get that glowing wedding skin.

Countdown: Four Weeks

It’s time to start thinking about the rest of your body:

Arms, Heels, and Elbows – Apply a body butter to soften up those notoriously rough spots.

Body – If you’re struggling with body acne, try a salicylic acid spray to shrink and prevent blemishes. If rough, dry skin is a concern, try a BHA or AHA body lotion to reduce redness and calm upset skin.

Lips – Ensure your lips are extra kissable by using a lip balm with SPF during the day and a super-emollient balm at night.

Hands and Nails – Get those hands wedding ring ready by using an ultra-rich moisturizer daily before bed.

Your wedding skincare prep starts at 6 weeks! Follow our easy timeline to help you get perfect skin on your wedding day.

Countdown: One Week

With just seven days to go, you and your skin may be feeling the crunch. If your face starts to show signs of stress, consider incorporating a gentle calming serum before your daily moisturizer.

To tackle unexpected blemishes, use a targeted spot treatment with BHA.

Countdown: Day Of the Wedding

On your big day, there’s nothing left to do except enjoy the day and have fun. Continue to use your new skincare routine through your honeymoon and well into marital bliss for glowing, healthy skin.

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