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Shea Shoemaker
Shea Shoemaker July 31, 2018

Fun and Dreamy Boho Apple Valley California Engagement Session

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How did you find your photographer?

It was really important to Ben and I to have our wedding somewhere that represented who we are and where we come from. We did a little research and I heard from a few people to check out Flip Flop Ranch in Lucerne Valley California we automatically fell in love with the beautiful red barn wedding basically right in our backyard. It wasn’t only in the town we both grew up in, but it was ideal to make it easy for family and friends to attend. Serena Harvey is apart of the ranch and once we saw her work we knew we found our photographer.

What are you DIY-ing for your wedding?

Family is extremely important to both Ben and I so we wanted to express the love we have for family by having a lot of things that represent just that. All of the lace table clothes came from our Grandmothers. My favorite, was wearing the wedding dress my Mom did at her wedding and my Grandmother helped alter it. We found beautiful lace to add onto it and she also made my daughter and my niece’s dress for the wedding. To save moneym we used our family’s favorite brand of pickles and decorated the jars with lace and string from Hobby lobby for our center pieces. We also DIY’d signs throughout the wedding and also had picture frames with chicken wire to hang some of our favorite photos. For our flowers, we used our local farmers market and placed them in the centerpieces. The whole year we were engaged we would go to our local thrift shops and pick up things to use. Lastly, during our ceremony we did the unity braid that we made ourselves..I can honestly say planning the wedding with my husband and designing it to exactly what we wanted was my favorite part.

What are you looking forward to the most?

As a lot of Bride and Groom’s do we had high expectations for everything that we planned and envisioned certain things. Things go wrong here and there, but they are just part of the memories. It will be amazing to see everything we created come together. -Rayanne, the Bride

Event Credits

Photography: Serina Harvey Photography // Shoot Location: Apple Valley California

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