You DON'T want to miss these top cost saving tips for your big day!
Shea Shoemaker
Shea Shoemaker April 03, 2018

MUST READ: Expert Cost Saving Tips for your Wedding Day

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We know that being cost efficient when planning your wedding can be harder than it looks. After booking all of your vendors and inviting guests it’s easy to run over budget without even trying. Don’t miss this MUST READ expert cost saving tips that every Bride should check out before her big day!

Event Design: Rothweiler Event Design // Image courtesy of: Twisted Willow Flowers

Danielle Rothweiler of Rothweiler Event Design: 1. Use your ceremony backdrop to frame your sweetheart table at the reception 2. Use floral designs as centerpieces during the reception. Use the the flowers more than once! 3. Use the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets to frame the wedding cake.

Image courtesy of: Valorie Darling Photography // Dress: Katie May Collection

The Team at Ceremony App: 1. Balance professional photography costs with a photo-sharing app. We still recommend hiring professional photographers to capture the biggest moments of your wedding day, but did you know that you can hire photographers and videographers by the hour? Many of our brides and grooms enlist the help of a professional for the earlier parts of the day, while relying on guests to help document the reception. This allows you to cut that budget in half, so you can have your cake and eat it, too. 2. Ask friends and family to share their talents as wedding gifts. Who knew Great Aunt Carla had impressive calligraphy skills? Investigate who within your circle has notable DIY talents and then (it’s harder than it sounds) ask for help. Chances are, they’d love to lend their time in lieu of just checking something off your registry. You could even make prep a fun, pre-wedding event, and it will make the elements of your big day that much more memorable and special.

Event Design: A Charming Fête // Image courtesy of: Lauren Gabrielle Photography // Floral Design: Molly Taylor and Co.

Lisa Costin of A Charming Fête: If we’re having an onsite ceremony (ceremony is at the same general location as the reception), we always try to repurpose the ceremony floral decor if possible. Some backdrop structures simply cannot be moved but typically urns, vases and other arrangement can be easily added to the reception space. We always like to repurpose the bridesmaid bouquets as well whether it’s adding them to the head table, cake table or another key area that could use a fresh touch.

Event Design: Cape Cod Celebrations // Image courtesy of: Stacey Hedman Photography // Florist: Patrice Milley Florals

Jamie Bohlin of Cape Cod Celebrations: Reuse your ceremony decor! Move your aisle markers to your cocktail tables, move your “altar” decor to the gift table or to the entrance to your venue. If you are having a church ceremony, be sure to check with your church that you can remove flowers after the ceremony as some require you leave it as a donation. Use your bouquet or your bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces. The bouquets are often so delicate and beautiful, but really only used for the ceremony and photos. Find ways to incorporate them in your table decor to save on centerpieces. If you are doing an extravagant escort card table, reuse it to display dessert. We have done a lucite floating escort card display over coral, and we moved it in to the reception space after cocktail hour where we displayed the dessert! Or if cocktail hour and dancing are in the same space,it makes for an even easier flip!

Event Design: Moana Events // Image courtesy of: Jana Dillon Photography

Morgan Childs of Moana Events: 1. Charcuterie Stations: rather than having elaborate passed appetizers for cocktail hour, cut down on costs with a plentiful charcuterie tray for your guests. 2. Have One Big WOW Factor: focus on one big “wow” element for your reception rather than having elaborate centerpieces on each table. 3. Brunch Wedding: in lieu of holding a nighttime wedding with a formal dinner, consider a morning wedding with a brunch to follow.

Image courtesy of: Jodee Debes Photography

Marisa Manna Ferrell of So Eventful: 1. Ceremony floral moved to dinner during cocktail (greenery garlands, candles, altar floral) 2. Bridal bouquet as centerpieces on head table 3. Dual sided/purpose signage (welcome reverse to seating chart; welcome sign with couples name/monogram without the word “welcome” for guests to sign as “guest book”; program sign and it bar signs reverse for send off/late night if there is one, etc.)

Event Design: Bridal Bliss // Image courtesy of: Carina Skrobecki

Nora Sheils of Bridal Bliss: As far as budgets go, we are definitely behind them. It is important to have a plan in place, and to follow it. From our very first meeting with the couples we work with weare talking budget, not only a dollar amount, but also what their vision is for the day, and if there is one area they want to spend a little more. Some of our favorite cost saving ideas…asking a friend or family member to marry you. Not only will it save you a little money, it also can be extremely meaningful as this person can share more about the two of you and your relationship. Focus on extras that you are excited about -are you and your fiancé music lovers? Splurge a bit on a band or DJ and opt for a non-traditional dessert (typically less than a classic wedding cake). Obsessed with paper products? Work with your designer on DIY elements that you can take on, and invite your bridal party over to help. Ultimately though, we suggest asking your planner to help you get creative…we love working with couples to achieve the look they are going for with all different budgets.

Event Design: Infinite Events // Image courtesy of: Jacqueline Patton Photography // Venue: Belle Mer

Erica Trombetti of Infinite Events: Reusing your ceremony alter pieces to your high guest tables and reusing your chair floral pieces to your cocktail hour tables and then using your wedding day floral at your brunch the next morning is a great way to get more florals out of your floral budget!

Floral Design: // Image courtesy of: FreeHope Photography

Liza Roeser Atwood, CEO of Peonies are definitely a wedding-day favorite but they can be expensive. For a similar look, simply bunch up 5 stems of carnations and tightly secure them with floral tape (or a Rubber Band). You’ll end up with a large, ruffled bloom!

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