Swooning over this super DIY and dreamy wedding!
Shea Shoemaker
Shea Shoemaker March 21, 2018

Lush and Dreamy Woodsy Lakeside Wedding

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“It was the most perfect day. Golden sun touched town as a crisp, fall breeze swept over the private, sapphire lake. The girls got ready in the cabin that looked over 100 acres of tamed wilderness. Pine trees buried deep into the acreage. So much beauty lay in the land that was going to be used as the backdrop for this beautiful couples’ day. Greenery and cream florals added the perfect touch to this DIY woodsy wedding day.

Sarah’s bridesmaids surrounded her as she read a note that her mother handed to her. Endless tears of joy followed by hugs made their way around to everyone. Her mom and bridesmaids helped her into her dress, shoes and jewelry. Before long, Sarah’s dad awaited at the end of the cabin deck stairs. His first time seeing his daughter that day. All dolled up, growing up completely right before his eyes as he turned around and embraced her.

The ceremony music began. Sarah’s brother playing the guitar as her father escorted her down the aisle. Flower petals kissed the ground from the flower girl ahead. Garrett’s hand shot up towards his mouth as he saw his future wife for the first time. The most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen was about to take his last name. Her dad hugged her before hugging Garrett. A short and sweet ceremony was filled with love, laughter and the start to their happily, ever after. They exchanged rings before heading over to braid rope together to signify their unity. Garrett’s and Sarah’s parents joined around them to say a special prayer to bless their marriage before the couple kissed as husband and wife for the very first time.

The reception took place in a white tent lit up with twinkling lights. The couple cut into the cake over laughs before feeding it to one another. Toasts by the bride’s father, maid of honor and the groom’s best man came shortly after dinner. The best man speech included having multiple ladies turn in their “key” to Garrett’s house since he was now a married man. Guest after guest came to the sweetheart table, each one dramatically tossing in a key that had been given to them prior to the speech. Sarah was dying from laughing so hard. The last woman to turn in her key was of course, none other than the mother of the bride. The entire tent filled with nearly 300 guests roared into laughter and applause.” –Sara Rieth Photography

What is your favorite wedding day memory?

It’s definitely hard to narrow down, because the entire day was beautiful, but I think my favorite memory was seeing Garrett for the first time. We didn’t do a reveal, so walking down the aisle to him knowing we were going to spend forever together was such a real/raw feeling I can’t really pin down, but it was SO full of love. I wasn’t sure what his reaction was going to be, especially since we were in front of a lot of people, but his face lit up and his eyes filled with tears. He brought a hand to his mouth and it truly made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. I will never forget how he made me feel in that moment, and I think that look proved to me that I make him feel the same way. It was the best reaction I could’ve ever hoped for.

What did you DIY for your wedding?

Oh my gosh, what didn’t we DIY? I created signs that I had handwritten/we bought banners & hand wrote on them to personalize it a bit. We made little gift bags for each person staying in the hotel. We handmade ‘snack bags’ to be used during the cocktail hour. We were blessed to have so many people help us when it came down to every little detail. We hand picked all of our greenery featured on the tables during the reception and ceremony. We saved wine corks forever and made these cute little table numbers out of them. Almost all of our decorations were DIY. One example is that my Mom and I made Hula Hoops covered in gold duct tape that turned out to be these gorgeous wreaths. Honestly, pretty much everything we used had a personal touch from either myself or someone close to me! It turned out so beautiful.

Did you have a something old, new borrowed, blue?

Yes! Unfortunately my something old was supposed to be a necklace my mom wore on her wedding day, but we couldn’t get it to attach to my bouquet, but I’m still counting it! My something new was my dress! As for my something borrowed I borrowed one of my best friends veil, which was really special for the both of us. Lastly, my something blue was a little blue flower was on my garter!

Any advice for brides currently in the planning process?

My biggest advice is to not sweat the little things. If the color of your napkins isn’t something you care about – then don’t stress over what color the napkins are. There are SO many little details that go into it and if you can delegate a task to your mom or future in laws, then do. If you’re as blessed as I am then they would LOVE to help you. Weddings are ALWAYS beautiful, regardless if the weather isn’t cooperating, or if every detail isn’t perfect. Don’t stress about little things that are not of any importance to you because if they don’t matter prior to the wedding, you won’t think about it during the wedding either. I think you just have to make your wedding uniquely yours and it will represent you and your love story in the way that you’ve always dreamed. -Sarah, the Bride

Event Credits

Photographer: Sara Rieth Photography // Flowers + Desserts: HyVee // DJ: Power House DJ's Inc. // Catering: Greg's Blowin' Smoke BBQ // Videographer: Henry Alconz // Engagement Ring: Kay Jewelers // Bride + Bridesmaid's Attire: David's Bridal // Groom's Attire: Men's Warehouse

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