Kendra Hagerman
Kendra Hagerman February 27, 2018

Honest Post-Wedding Advice From Real Brides

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Some lessons are worth learning yourself, while others are worth learning by association; this sentiment is particularly true when it comes to weddings. When it’s all over, you’ll have some decisions that you are very happy with and you’ll have some in which hindsight suggests that you could have spent that $1,000 a little more wisely. But what if you could minimize all that? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could learn from other brides’ experiences?

When I was planning my wedding, I asked everyone with a ring on their finger for words of advice on their budget, lessons-learned, regrets, mishaps, purchases they were happy with, special moments, and logistical errors. Like many brides, I didn’t know where to start, so I used this advice to shape my wedding planning process.

Other brides’ feedback, challenges, and advice allowed me to learn from their mishaps without living them myself. I of course made some mistakes of my own, but overall, this process worked extremely well for me. Our wedding went off without a hitch and my day-of coordinator even suggested I take up a second career in the wedding planning business (best compliment ever!).

If you want to try this method yourself, you don’t have to look far. I’ve asked real brides to share their honest, post-wedding advice with Something Turquoise readers to help brides-to-be everywhere make informed, smart choices. Their hindsight is your 20/20 vision, so take notes and don’t forget to pass your experiences on to the next bride.

This night wedding photo is STUNNING. WOW. I love the mountains, black and white, and the posing. This is a keeper! Photo: Amanda Coldicutt Photography / Venue: Fraser River Lodge.


Everybody says it, but I’ll say it again: a wedding goes fast – enjoy little pieces and don’t worry about the details. Dance as much as you can. Enjoy your food. Drink your wine (and LOTS of water). Kiss your partner. Take 5 minutes alone together and share your thoughts. Trust your people to take care of the little issues for you. – Virginie AR

Love this engagement photo! Such a cool photo with so much love. Photo: Blush Photography / Found on: Junebug Weddings.


The best piece of wedding advice that I received was to book an officiant as early as possible. I had no idea how quickly they book up (in hindsight, this makes total sense!). – Sara Coleman

WOW. A muted, natural bridal bouquet for a bride that wants something a little more natural. Photo: Amanda Coldicutt Photography / Florals: Studio Floretta.


We worked so hard to stay on budget, and I’m so glad that we did. We spent money on the things we really cared about, but also made some hard decisions so we didn’t overspend. At the time, I questioned if I should have spent more, but now that we’re in “post-wedding life,” I’m really happy that we stuck to our plan. It’s a very important day, but saving for a home, honeymoon, family, etc. is also important. – Jennifer Stewart


Try not to give in to all the “shoulds” people throw at you. Family and friends will always have an opinion, but at the end of the day, it’s not their wedding. My mother was very vocal about the fact that she thought we SHOULD have “fancy” transportation to the wedding. We didn’t value this, so we stuck to our vision and opted for my dad to drive us instead. We laughed the entire car ride, took silly photos, and it’s still one of my favorite memories to this day. – Claire Dueck

The most stunning first look photos with mountains as the background and deep, natural photography. Photo: Amanda Coldicutt Photography / Venue: Fraser River Lodge / Dress: Champagne and Lace / Hair & Makeup: Caity Langis.


I wish I spent a little less on items for the bridal party. It’s wonderful to celebrate and thank all of the people who are participating in your special day; however, it’s so easy to get carried away. Shoes, earrings, wine glasses, monogrammed shirts, a floral headpiece for the flower girl….and the list goes on and on. The total for these items can add up quickly, especially if you have a large bridal party. – Rebecca Lynn


Everyone tells you to enjoy the moment, but I think it’s more important to be yourself. If you relax and act like you would any other day, you’ll truly enjoy yourself at your wedding with your friends, family and new husband. – Anamaria Farias

A bride, her groom, and her dog. Beautiful wedding photos. Photo: Sassy Mouth Photography.


I had an issue with my wedding dress, so the designer paid for a second photo shoot as a way to make up for it. We got dressed up in our wedding attire and took photos with our “best dog”; the pictures are amazing and show us in relaxed, loving poses. I would say that part of the photography budget should include a post-wedding shoot where you get dressed up again. We love those pictures more than the actual wedding ones (where it’s just the two of us). – Caroline Christensen

OMG This may be the most amazing wedding photo of all time! I love the starts in the background and the love between the bride and the groom. Photo: Amanda Coldicutt Photography / Venue: Whonnock Lake / Makeup: Dames and Dolls / Dress: Champagne and Lace / Coordinator: C U Go Events.


Take the time to connect with your photographer and don’t hesitate to find the style that really suits your needs and dreams. We ended up with a fantastic “lifestyle” photographer who not only became part of the party, but she also ended up being a fantastic friend after all this. We met with her and we clicked right away; her entire portfolio spoke to us. Now, when we sit and look at our pictures, we literally relive our perfect day. Worth every penny! – Virginie AR


I’m so glad we spent money on a videographer. I love to look back at the pictures from my wedding, but the video takes it to another level. It takes me right back to the special moments from that day. I would be heartbroken not to have it. – Rebecca Lynn

beautiful eucalyptus table numbers. Photo: Amanda Coldicutt Photography / Coordinator: C U Go Events / Venue: Whonnock Lake / Florals: Flowerella.


If you’re having a child-friendly wedding, consider creating a “kids room”. We hired a few babysitters and got a bunch of toys, cushions, blankets, and games to keep the kids busy during dinner and the reception. All the parents were very appreciative and so were the kids! – Caroline Christensen

Even if it rains on your wedding day, the photos can still be beautiful! This British Columbia wedding photo proves it. Photo: Amanda Coldicutt Photography / Coordinator: C U Go Events / Florals: Flowerella / Venue: Whonnock Lake.


The secret to a good wedding? Great food and booze! Our wedding was so much fun and I truly believe it was because everyone was downright full and happy. – Anamaria Farias

What a sweet and tender engagement photo. Photo: Blush Photography / Found on: Junebug Weddings.


Even though it is an important step in your life, your marriage is more important than your wedding. Work towards what comes after and building a great relationship with your partner. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with colors and flowers – in the end, what matters is the person you share it with. – Virginie AR

These wedding rings are so pretty, and the eucalyptus is pretty too! Photo: Amanda Coldicutt Photography / Coordinator: C U Go Events / Florals: Flowerella / Venue: Whonnock Lake.

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