December 12, 2017

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I received the Tomorrow Sleep System in exchange for sharing this post and my opinions.

Let’s be real. Sleep is the best and if I don’t get it, I’m not my best. Sleep affects everything; your mood, your weight, your skin, the works. Ensure that you get your best nights sleep with the Tomorrow Sleep System so that you can properly plan your wedding and look fabulous on your special day since makeup can only go so far…

Get your best nights sleep with the Tomorrow Sleep System

Unboxing Is Easy

When I heard about this amazing mattress system I was super intrigued. I’ve had a few other foam mattresses and all have left something to be desired so I was excited to try it out. Like other foam mattresses, this one arrives in a compact box and was super easy to unpack, in fact, I did it all by myself! Ok, Logan my cat helped too.

Check out Jen unwrapping her Tomorrow mattress!

Get To Bed

“When more people are sleeping to their full potential, we see a healthier future for each of us up ahead. We’re excited to get there together.” – [Tomorrow][2]. There are three key stages to sleep, and each one plays its part — from restoring our mind and body, to helping us process memory, emotion and information. When we spend enough time in each stage, we wake up feeling fresh and energized, ready to take on the day ahead.

LIGHT SLEEP: Light sleep is the first, and most common stage of sleep. Our bodies relax, our muscles start to loosen up, our breathing expands, and we slow down after a day on the move.

DEEP SLEEP: Deep sleep is for restoring and recharging. Everything slows down so our body and immune system can focus and rest, sending that sleepy feeling packing until the next night.

REM SLEEP: While our minds run wild with dreams, we process and store information, making this stage critical for learning and memory. Our brains keep it moving in REM, balancing a dreamy state with the serious job of soaking up information we’ve been exposed to through the day. These two things happen at the same time — reminding us how powerful the mind really is.

Review of the Tomorrow foam mattress

Make Your Bed

Tomorrow is much more than just a mattress, it’s an entire sleep system. From special drapes and fine bedding to pillows and the SleepTracker, they have the ultimate nights sleep all wrapped up in a perfect little orange package. When all these elements are combined, their theory is that you in turn will have an exceptional nights sleep and they are right. Two huge differences I noticed right away is how cool the mattress is and how amazing the pillow is. Even on a warm night, after hours of sleep, the mattress remains a lovely cool temperature making for a comfortable rest. The pillow is the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on in my life, major game changer!

Always make your bed, especially when it's a Tomorrow mattress

Track Your Sleep

Learn and track all you can about your sleep habits and patterns using the SleepTracker. It’s a digital device that you place under your pillow which monitors your sleep and sends stats to an app on your phone. I’ve been using mine for about two weeks now and watching the data has been really interesting! You can track one person or two with no need to have your phone nearby.

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Track your sleep with the SleepTracker system!

Be the best version of yourself on your wedding day by upgrading your sleep to Tomorrow.


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