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Shea Shoemaker
Shea Shoemaker November 15, 2017

DIY Wedding | Francesco + Gyllian

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What is your favorite wedding day memory?

Such a loaded question! How can I narrow down that day to ONE favorite moment? To look back on it seems like a blur. I am so thankful for the beautiful images Lauren captured, because it just keeps giving me ‘Oh yeah!’ moments that almost slipped my mind that actually happened, but since that day is about me and my husband {I love saying that} hands downs was our first look. Frank was wonderful through the whole process and he really let me have full say on almost all the detail. The anticipation the intimacy of that moment was beautiful. I remember taking each step closer to him and the look on his face when he turned around. My girls were close to us and I could even hear their excitement. It was just an incredible moment and awesome “first” to look back on.

What did you DIY for your wedding?

Frank and I paid for our whole wedding, so we tried to really stay on a budget with compromising the vision I had for that day. I relied a lot on creative friends and the wonderful world of Etsy! I borrowed rustic items from co-workers for my center pieces and made dozens of trips to Staples for signs around the reception and labels on favors. There was lots of DIY, but with lots of help!

Did you have a something old, new borrowed, blue?

At first I wasn’t going to do the traditional something new, borrowed and blue because I wasn’t going for traditional. But I winded up doing something new – my maid of honor bought my earrings they were my something new. My something borrowed was my Dad’s name tag from his motorcycle club {my father is deceased} that I put on my bouquet. Lastly, my something blue was my step-sons article of clothing cut into hearts that were sewn underneath my dress.

Any advice for brides currently in the planning process?

My advice is, there is no advice! So many of my close friends are recently married and I was even bridesmaids but i felt like as prepared and organized as you are, you need to be okay with things working out differently then you imagined. You can’t allow every detail to consume you, because what you see and stress over, the guests do not even notice. Every one will get lost in the beauty, love and magic of the day. Things will go wrong, but its something to laugh at later. People will appreciate the details, but its more important to enjoy the day as the bride. The smile and carefree look on your face in the picture is better than any cake topper. -Gyllian, the Bride

Event Credits

Photographer: Bokeh Love Photography // Venue: Renault Winery // Event Coordinator: Anna Rose // Officiant: Cynthia Luciani // DJ: Shots Entertainment // Florist: Lilies Florals // Invitations: Once Upon A Time // Cake: Classic Cake // Engagement Ring: Michael Anthony Jewelers // Bride's Jewelry: Kate Spade // Bride's Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Bridesmaid's Attire: Windsor Store // Hair + Make-up: HiTech Salon and Spa // Groom's Attire: Cozy's Formalwear

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