October 12, 2017

Hello bridal babes ~ we are T-minus 37 days until my wedding! OMG. Next weekend I am going to Austin for my bachelorette party and I’m so ready! But, this past Monday I went to our venue to take bridal portraits and I also decided to take boudoir bridals as a surprise for Miguel. It has been a real struggle keeping a secret from him and I am the worst at surprises too, I almost always give way too many hints and he ends up guessing what it is. But ladies, not this time! I have 37 days to keep this a surprise and I will definitely keep it (and he doesn’t normally read my posts here on ST, so let’s hope that doesn’t change, lol). To prepare for this shoot I researched about poses that are flattering and different clothing options and I wanted to share what I learned with you gals in case you’ve been thinking about doing this for yourself and your future hubby!

Pose For The Mirror

I looked at SO many pictures on Pinterest. It was an overload of poses and a lot were actually incredibly similar or they were of women who looked like legit models. Not every pose works for every-body, so I would like to suggest that you practice different looks in front of the mirror. We all have a “side” that looks better, so check yourself out to see what it is that makes you feel beautiful, confident and accentuates your body. Communicate this with your photographer so you have a jumping off point when you get started.

Best Pose Tip: Let go, relax and listen to your photographer! Let them lead you into what looks best through their lense.

Stunning beach boudoir shoot! Image: Yermolayeva Yulia // Via: Royal Lace Bridal

Gorgeous, classs boudoir shot Image: Volulez Vous Boudoir

Gorgeous, classs boudoir shot Image: Jose Villa // Via: Deer Pearl Flowers

Dress to Impress

I bought a few items from Asos, I initially was going to wear white but one of the items I ordered was this blush pink teddy (pictured below) and it fit me like a dream so I decided to wear blush instead of white. Seriously, wear whatever you feel most beautiful in, color and style considered. It doesn’t have to be white just because it is a bridal boudoir shoot. You’re wearing white on your wedding day and your photographer can always snap a few special getting ready shots in white that morning. If his favorite color on you is red, wear it. Bring a few different pieces to your shoot. In fact, bring more than you need! It’s better to have more options than not enough. Bring your bestie along on your shopping trip if you need some honest advice and moral support.

Best Outfit Tip: you must be comfortable, so wear only what you are comfortable in. If that’s a teddy, great. If that’s his college t-shirt, perfect. If you’re uncomfortable it will show in the photographs.

ASOS bridal lingerie ideas All Images Via: Asos

Love Yourself

Most of the photos you’ll see online are of models because many brides-to-be are literally taking these pictures ONLY FOR THEIR MR. The reason I’m not sharing my photos here is because they aren’t for the world, they are for us, they are for him. This started off as a romantic surprise for Miguel, but at the end of the shoot I felt so empowered. I am not the thinnest, curviest, or most boobylicious (totally a made-up word) gal, but I am me and I love my body and he does too. So if any of you are wanting to do this for your future hubby, do it. But know that in the end, it’s also for you. Have your photographer focus on you and your significant others favorite parts of your body. If he loves that mole on your leg, shoot it. If you love your shoulders, shoot them. I promise you will feel so beautiful and will probably surprise yourself with how sexy you can be in front of the camera! Embrace your unique hotness bridal babes!

Best Self-Love Tip: Your fiancé fell in love with YOU for a reason. Celebrate all that is you; every curve, dimple, and freckle only belongs to you!

Gorgeous, classs boudoir shot Image: Lucy Cuneo // Via: Deer Pearl Flowers

Gorgeous boudoir shot of a bride in her veil and ring by Jose Villa Image: Jose Villa // Via: Style Me Pretty

Gorgeously tasteful boudoir shot from Pearly Kate Image: Pearly Kate Photography // Via: Aviani


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