August 03, 2017

Happy Thursday Brides!

This past weekend my fiance’ and I went to the bridal expo in Houston called the Bridal Extravaganza Show and y’all IT. WAS. CRAZY. Miles and miles of vendors. We’re talking photographers, videographers, venues, travel agents, and so much more but best of all… C A K E!

It was very hectic, everyone was trying to get me to enter into raffles, get my fiance’ to sign up for fittings, and stuffing cake down our throats- which wasn’t the worst thing, but my point is if you don’t have a game plan this experience could be very overwhelming. Which is why I have laid out a few tips if you are planning on attending your cities next bridal expo.

Check out this advice to keep your sanity at Bridal Expos! Bridal Extravaganza Show

The Entourage

Who you decide to bring along is very important. I decided to only bring my fiance’ and make it an experience that would bring us closer – and so he can see the stress that I am under! I would suggest not to bring more than 5 people.

Imagine walking around a packed convention center with a major entourage, at least one person will want to stop and look at each booth and may hold the rest of the group up. 5 people totally manageable, more than that… a headache. If you read this and decide to bring more than what I am suggesting, go for it! This is all your day and your experience, share it with as many people as you love.

The Game Plan

Don’t walk into this experience without a game plan, write down which vendors you need to book and stick to those vendors while you are walking down the aisles of the expo. Brides are fierce and the chances of you having your wedding on the same day as many of them is likely so, stick to your list and see those vendors first. There will also be a map with a list of each vendor and where their booth is located to help narrow your search even more.

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You are going to be meeting TONS of vendors, and when you meet one you will most likely give them an adhesive label that the expo will create for you. I would ask in advance regarding these labels because if the bridal show doesn’t provide these for you, it would be smart and handy to make some yourself! The label will have your personal information on it such as name, phone number, address, and wedding date on it.

Be mindful who you give these to, there could be 1,000 vendors at this convention, and when you give them a label you are welcoming them to call you and ask you questions regarding your big day. SO! keep in mind who you want to give a label to. I have been getting lots of calls from numbers I don’t know and when I answer, it’s the vendors who I gave labels to. I gave them the label because I was in the heat of the moment and the excitement of the expo got to me. Don’t make my mistake!

Don't forget a gorgeous wedding planning notebook! Wedding Planning Notebook via Not on the High Street

Totes bring a Tote bag!

Holy moly the amount of items given to you just for stopping by is endless. You will leave with so many keychains, photos from the photo booth vendors, pens, cups, brochures, I mean really it is endless. The show may give you one but bring one just in case because all of those items gets super heavy!

Don't forget your Totes Engaged tote for your Bridal Expo! Totes Engaged DIY Tote Bag via Something Turquoise

That’s it gals! If you have been to a bridal expo and would like to add any tips please comment below for fellow brides! I hope you guys have a great time and my tips come in handy! Have a happy planning!


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