May 30, 2017

Heya! I trust you all had a fabulous, long holiday weekend. I have had a fabulously long and exhausting past two months because I’ve been keeping a secret that I FINALLY get to share… I BOUGHT A HOUSE! It’s the cutest, smallest, bestest, most wonderful thing I have ever seen and for the past three weeks I’ve been cleaning, patching, painting and breathing new life back into it. Turquoise life that is and in just a few days I’ll be fully moved in and busy settling into my new life. It’s a two-story Craftsman style home that was built in 1920 and the last owners removed the staircase inside, meaning the first and second floor are totally separate – which is ideal for me. I get to leave work at work, and walk outside to “go home”, LOL. The entire bottom floor will be my office and studio and I’m so freaking excited I can hardly stand it. I just finished laying my new floor yesterday, it’s a peel + stick vinyl wood that I did in a herringbone pattern and I’m obsessed. My first craft room was awesome, but this new iteration is going to be off the charts; #stcraftroom2

Jen from Something Turquoise bought a 1920 Craftsman house!

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I’ve been able to do so many wonderful things to my home over the past few weeks because I truly have a terrific support system. My Dad, (aka. Papa Turquoise) is the Foreman of my Beachy Bachelorette Pad… and we’re rocking the reno like I’ve always dreamed of. Endless trips to Lowes, laughs, mistakes, set backs, and lots of take-out. I have a few other people I need to thank for being wonderful, my Mom of course, my aunt Emily, cousin Rebecca and Evan, my friend Ben, my brother Jason and his wife Christine, my besties Christin and Julia, and my ST Team (Shea, Shea, Lauren, Kendra, Brittany, Katy) – I love you all so much!

I honestly hate taking time off from posting but this move is a big one and I need the break. So I’m taking two weeks off to get moved and set back up for business as usual, so we’ll be back to normal posting on June 12th. Thank you for understanding that I need the time and space to get situated. I’d like to end by saying that this is the house that crafts built. I’m so fortunate to have a career that I love, a business that I own, the ability to purchase a home in Southern California because of it; and YOU are a part of that story. My story, and I thank you from the bottom of my crafty heart for visiting my blog. – Jen, xoxo

If you’d like to see my home + office progress, you can follow along on my personal IG account: @jen_somethingturquoise!

New home, new keys... with a Shark Man lego keychain, of course!


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