May 18, 2017

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Around here we greatly value our gems, especially wedding rings… and I’m sure that you do too! Owning fine jewelry is a privilege that comes with responsibility, just like owning anything of value. Things like your car, your refrigerator, your computer and your home all require a level of care. In the same way you insure those items with renters or home insurance – fine jewelry is no different. So today we’re discussing the best ways to protect your sparkly things, including cleaning tips, care tips, and most importantly jewelry insurance from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. For couples, especially those that do not own a home, an engagement ring or wedding ring can be one of your most valuable assets. One that shouldn’t be overlooked. Jewelry insurance is necessary because unexpected accidents happen every day – especially with something as small as a ring. And we all know that when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, they are more than just jewelry; they are a tangible promise of your everlasting love, commitment, and respect for each other. Use our tips below to care for your treasured items and consider going the extra mile to protect them with Jewelers Mutual®.

Awesome fine jewelry cleaning and care tips from Jewelers Mututal!

Cleaning Tips:

  • Avoid putting on lotion and perfumes while wearing your fine jewelry.
  • Gently scrub fine jewelry with a new baby toothbrush, Dawn dish detergent, and warm water.
  • A gentle cleaning twice a month will extend the life of your professional cleaning.
  • Setting a notification on your phone to clean your jewelry can be a helpful reminder.
  • Only use the cleaning liquid from your jeweler on the specific metal types it’s designed for!
  • Looking to make your own jewelry cleaner? Check out this video and recipe!

Awesome fine jewelry cleaning and care tips from Jewelers Mututal!

Care Tips:

  • While not wearing, store in a clean, safe and dry place in your home. If you create a special place to store specific items like your engagement ring, you’ll lessen your chance to lose it.
  • While traveling, wear or carry-on all fine jewelry, never check it.
  • Remove fine jewelry before physical activity. Feel naked? Replace your engagement ring with a silicone band!
  • Sunlight and chlorine can damage fine jewelry so limit its exposure to both.
  • Be mindful of cold water as it can shrink your fingers making it easy for rings to slip off.
  • Keep a detailed list of all fine jewelry in your home, separately from where your jewelry is stored. If possible, also keep photos. This will make filing a claim in the event of theft or loss much easier.
  • Visit your jeweler twice a year for a professional cleaning and inspection, many times if you don’t do this the warranty on the item will be void.
  • For peace of mind, insure all fine jewelry with Jewelers Mutual®.

It's more than just a diamond, insure it for all it's worth with Jewelers Mutual

If our jewelry cleaning + care tips have you thinking about the need for protection for that new ring, I’ve got great news. With just a zip code, a value, and an item type you can request a customized insurance quote from Jewelers Mutual for your engagement ring and all other fine jewelry items. Your very own peace of mind is less than a minute away! Also make sure to visit JewelersMutual.com to download a free guide to the ultimate care + cleaning for your engagement ring.

Underwritten by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, Neenah, WI. Coverage and pricing are subject to underwriting review and approval, and to policy terms and conditions. Compensation for this post was provided by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company in partnership with BrideClick. All opinions expressed within this feature are those of the author.


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