Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder April 20, 2017

Dinnerware Tips with The Registry At Boscov’s

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What do you do when you’re a modern couple who loves to entertain, but fancy teacups and soup tureens just aren’t your thing? Not to worry, The Registry at Boscov’s has you covered with many unique choices to fit all budgets and styles. Boscov’s likes to say that 4 is the new 5 when it comes to modern dinnerware because traditional china place settings come as a 5pc set; that’s a dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, teacup and saucer. What’s trending are the more casual dinnerware sets that come in a 4pc arrangement with a dinner plate, salad plate, mug, and bowl. Some patterns come as individual 4pc place settings or as open stock (where you can buy each piece individually), while others come as 16pc sets. No matter how you choose to purchase your dinnerware, know that you don’t have to feel pressured to register for something ultra fancy, something you may never actually use. Register for the items that get you excited to use them in your everyday life. I’d like to encourage you to get creative with your dinnerware choices, just like you are with your wedding!

Create your wedding registry at Boscovs

Four is the new five when it comes to dinnerware, learn why with Boscovs

1: Baum Tanigers Turquoise 16pc. Dinnerware Set // 2: Lenox french Perle White 4 Piece Setting // 3: Lenox Neutral Party Link 4pc Dinnerware Set // 4: Lenox French Perle Bead 4pc Place Setting // 5: Baum Harris 16pc. Dinnerware Set

Helpful Tips On Choosing The Perfect Dinnerware

  • Not sure how many place settings to register for? Start with eight, unless you have a larger family or group of friends that will regularly come over to dine
  • Take into consideration the color of your dining room when choosing colored dinnerware
  • Not all cabinets are created equal, measure your cabinets before you go shopping to make sure that your choice of dinnerware will fit
  • While in the store, set out your plates, wine glasses, drinking glasses and flatware to help get and overall look and feel for your new dinnerware
  • Let your fiancé have an opinion, after all, he’ll be eating off of them too
  • Many times dinnerware patterns will also offer other items like large bowls and serving platters, don’t forget to pick out a few that compliment your new set
  • Create your own style by mixing two or three coordinating patterns, also consider mixing round, square or scalloped shapes
  • If you love using the dishwasher, make sure the set you choose is dishwasher safe
  • Add 2 extra sets to your registry, just in case you drop a plate or bowl
  • If your taste is more traditional, Boscov’s still has a wide variety of exceptionally fine dinnerware in 5pc place settings to choose from!

Create your wedding registry at Boscovs

Perks Of A Boscov’s Wedding Registry

From the hottest brands in kitchen and housewares to luxurious bedding and furniture, The Registry at Boscov’s has everything you need to turn your house into a gorgeous home. Shopping their registry isn’t just easy for your friends and family, it’s fantastic for the couple too!

  • 15% OFF Couples Shopping Pass when you open your registry
  • 10% OFF Rebate on all gifts purchased for you
  • 10% OFF Most remaining items after your wedding is over
  • Fabulous FREE Gifts from top brands when you register for their products
  • More FREE Gifts when certain brands are purchased for you

Interested in creating or updating your online bridal registry? Get started today on your wedding gift registry online with The Registry at Boscov’s!

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