Click to get these darling free iPhone wallpapers for the DIY bride!
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder January 24, 2017

Free Phone Wallpapers // Sparkly Diamond Rings

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I love my technology and so I’m sure that you do too. I also love to “embellish” everything I own and when I was dreaming up new ST article ideas for 2017, I knew that phone wallpapers just HAD to be one of them. So I’ve enlisted the help of my bestie + crazy talented graphic designer Julia Ensign to help me create these monthly graphics for you. That’s right, every month we’ll be sharing a fresh new wallpaper download specifically for you – the DIY bride – so get ready to have the look of LOVE in your eyes every time you glance at your phone!

Click to get these darling free iPhone wallpapers for the DIY bride!


The easiest way to grab these wallpaper images is to visit this post on your smartphone. Then click on your favorite image below and save it to your phone. Open your settings and click on “wallpaper”. Then simply choose the image as your lock screen or wallpaper. Personally, I have the teal rings as my lock screen and I LOVE it… that is at least until the design we share next month!

Pink is Perfection

FREE pink diamond ring iPhone wallpaper!

Teal is Terrific

FREE turquoise diamond ring iPhone wallpaper!

Gold is Glamorous

FREE gold diamond ring iPhone wallpaper!

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