See you again real soon...
Jen Causey
Jen Causey September 03, 2016

When Life Hands You Lemons…

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To my dearest readers… a few weeks ago, life handed me a giant bag full of rotten, disgusting, moldy lemons. I can’t say much more at this point, other than I’m going to do my absolute best to make the sweetest tasting lemonade out of that entire bag. In an effort to take care of myself, and honor this blog that I love so dearly, I will be taking a short break from our regular postings. This will give me the time and space I’ll need to perfect my lemonade recipe. You never know what’s waiting around the corner, whether good or bad, so do your best to enjoy each moment and fully embrace the ones you love. I can’t wait to see y’all back here on Monday, October 10th. God is good. ~ Jen Carreiro

See you again real soon...

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