Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder August 04, 2016

The Ultimate Spotify Playlist For Being Chill During Wedding Planning

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I love music and I’m sure you do too. Music is a HUGE part of weddings. Music makes you feel ways about things and if it’s not on point, it can ruin your event… so naturally that’s why we hire DJ’s and musicians to create that special soundtrack for us. But what about all the other little wedding events and experiences leading up to your nuptials? Like for instance your bridal shower, or your wedding work-outs, or maybe even your honeymoonthat’s where my Spotify playlists come in! I’m lucky enough to have a few music professionals in my family and I’ve brought them on board to help me create some awesome, romantic and groove-worthy playlists for those not-DJ-worthy times during your wedding planning, lol. So download Spotify if you haven’t already and click play to get in the mood!

The BEST playlist for keeping chill while planning your wedding!

Top Image: The Notebook / Wedding Planning Mug: Traveling Tree Design, $13 on Etsy

Planning a wedding can be hard. Even if you’re the #1 Bridechilla, it’s still a huge undertaking and you’re going to need to find a way to leave it all behind and chill. Enter this playlist; created specifically to zen you out, calm you down and make you feel super cozy. Put it on when you’re relaxing on Sunday morning, taking a nice hot bath or even driving from one vendor meeting to another. Push play to treat yourself and chill!

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Tunes For Being Chill During Wedding Planning

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