July 30, 2016

Today is truly a happy Saturday! I am so crazy excited to announce that an investment group did in fact purchase our home, they want us to stay and escrow closed yesterday!!! You have no idea what a huge relief this is to me. We’ve put so much work into making this place our ideal home + work environment and the thought of leaving (without actually buying our own place) was terrifying. This happy girl is certainly going to enjoy the weekend ~ cheers!

Darling shot of the new Mr + Mrs!

Image Courtesy of: Mariya Stecklair Photography

Link Love:

Love this Thing:

Let’s Tie The Knot on Etsy (aka Happily Ever Etched) is one of my favorite shops and this wifey mug is one of my favorite items! They laser engrave almost anything you can think of, make sure to stop by and see for yourself!

Darling laser engraved wifey coffee mug by Happily Ever Etched!


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