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Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder March 17, 2016

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leaves |lēvz| noun. A leaf is an organ of a vascular plant and is the principal lateral appendage of the stem. The leaves and stem together form the shoot. Foliage is a mass noun that refers to leaves collectively. Without leaves we wouldn’t have flowers.

Overflowing foliage of all kinds are so hot right now. From my personal favorite ferns to bamboo and eucalyptus, all are starting to see their time in the sun! Which they actually need, lol. Whether the leaf is real, gold or even watercolor – we love them all. Their natural essence can be infused into almost any wedding theme you can imagine with a lower cost than flowers. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite “leaf” wedding details from around the web that will hopefully inspire the green thumb in you and your event!

Ideas on how to incorporate "leaves" into your wedding

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  1. Gold Leaf Halo Hair Piece. Aya Jewelry via Etsy, $95. Wow, stunning right. If you are a grecian-goddess type gal, this would make the ultimate wedding hair accessory! They also sell smaller comb versions that would make wonderful additions to your bridesmaids hair.
  2. All Leaf Bridal Bouquet. Justine Montigny via Style Me Pretty. If you are a lover of leaves, then this bridal bouquet, sans flowers, might be just what you are looking for to set your style apart from others!
  3. Bamboo Favors. Cindy Hardy via The Frosted Petticoat. Bamboo is a fairly easy plant to grow, all it needs is a little water and partial sunlight so, bamboo plant favors would make an awesome gift to your guests that won’t require a lot of work… but they’re lots of pretty!
  4. Leaf Halo Invitation. Laura Nelson Photography via Mod Wedding. To get your “leaf” themed event off to the right start, you’ll need to include leaves on your wedding invitation and we are loving these!
  5. Gold Leaf Cake. Nelle Cakes, Yolandé Marx via The Pretty Blog. Gold leaves, not to be confused with gold leaf make the most gorgeous decoration to this simple wedding cake. The same can be achieved with eucalyptus leaves that are natural in color.
  6. Foliage Decor. Alissa Saylor Photography via Green Wedding Shoes. If you are obsessed with leaves and foliage, you absolutely have to check out this stunning inspiration shoot, as you will fall in love with all the amazing, natural leaf details!
  7. DIY “Vow to Grow Together” Unity Ceremony. Andie Freeman Photography via Something Turquoise. A few months ago I shared this DIY unity ceremony idea about planting a plant together during your ceremony, as a physical act of “vowing to grow together”. Best part is you can download and print the darling sign for free!
  8. Twig Leaf Ring. Kristin Coffin Jewelry via Etsy, $450 . I had the pleasure of meeting the designer Kristin, of this stunning twig leaf wedding band and she is just as charming as her jewelry designs. This twig leaf ring would make an amazing addition to any boho-chic brides ring and would also make a lovely bridesmaid or maid of honor gift!
  9. Calligraphy Leaf Sign. Brandon Kidd via LVL Weddings & Events. What a gorgeous way to display ceremony information, a menu, seating cards and so much more! A gold paint pen, pretty handwriting and some stunning leaves are all you will need to make it happen!

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