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Jen Causey-Kidder February 04, 2016

Bridal Blogger // Ideas On Selecting Creative Cuisine For Your Wedding

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Hello DIY Darlings! When beginning my mystical wedding planning journey, I felt like this meme from our friends Woody and Buzz of Disney’s Toy Story.

Decisions Are Everywhere Meme

Image courtesy of: Quick Meme.

A huge decision for us was our reception menu. We are both food lovers who have a special appreciation for it, having grown up on farms and being involved in the agriculture industry. I’m thankful we complement each other so well, Jacob is the homegrown southern boy who loves his Nanny’s classic recipes and I’m the adventurer of all cuisines and cooking styles. Needless to say, our dining experiences can be rather exciting at times! Let me take you through a few of our favorite culinary inspirations.

What you’ll need to select your wedding menu:

  • Creative imagination
  • A list of foods you enjoy eating together
  • Recipes you cook regularly
  • Your food budget
  • List of food vendors/caters in your area (Must be realistic about what food you can source)
  • An empty stomach to taste test your sensational options

Physical Menu

Wedding menu cards

IMAGE CREDITS: Image: Carlie Statsky // Via: MODWedding

Even though you have a million other DIY projects to finish before the big day don’t ignore creating a fun inviting menu. This could be like the beautiful individual menu cards shown above (which I want to make for every meal I EVER serve!) or a large sign near your entryway or serving areas. You don’t want your guests left in the dark about what fine food they will be enjoying for the evening. Not to mention this is a great way showcase all the thought and hard work you and your fiance put into developing your menu.

This is also a great idea if you are having a bar area, let your guests know what is being served so they can make a selection while they wait to celebrate!

Food Truck Revolution

Thai-Kun Food Truck in Austin, Texas

IMAGE CREDITS: Image: Kevin Cooley // Via: Bon Appetit

The current food-truck revolution is thought to have started in 2008 with Kogi BBQ truck in Los Angeles. However, for those who are Texas history buffs (I dabble in this arena, seeing I am still young in my “Texan” journey) the first “food truck” was actually the cowboy’s portable kitchen known as the chuckwagon, invented by West Texas cattle rancher, Charles Goodnight, in 1866. Jacob loved this idea after learning food trucks were started in Texas, and seeing the educational opportunity we could provide to our guests. Seriously though, if you’re into history, take some time to lookup Mr. Goodnight, he was truly a fascinating man.

The food truck showcased above is Thai-Kun in Austin, Texas. I have eaten there several times traveling through Austin, and the food is absolutely phenomenal! If you’re into spicy foods you must try the Beef Panang Curry, it’s eye (and sinus) opening.

Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner)

Brinner, breakfast for dinner idea for wedding dinner!

IMAGE CREDITS: Image: Style Me Pretty

Go non-traditional and serve breakfast for dinner, what some like to call brinner. This is one of mine and Jacob’s weeknight go-to dinners recipes. Waffles, pancakes, omelets, quiches or even just bacon the — options are infinite!

Chef Station

Amazing Wedding Food Carving Station

IMAGE CREDITS: Image: Streetlight Republic // Catering: Chef’s Market // Via: Junebug Weddings

Who can resist the smell of prime rib roasting mixed with an aroma of burning mesquite wood and freshly chopped herbs? I’m drooling just thinking about it! Our families are meat-eaters, seeing as we raise cattle, it’s a staple in our diet. A chef’s station would turn into a meat-carving station for us. However, the possibilities for what is prepared at a chef’s station are endless for your reception.

Biscuit Bars

Awesome idea for a wedding biscuit bar!

IMAGE CREDITS: Image: Harwell Photography // Via: Snippet & Ink

Adorable syrup station idea!

IMAGE CREDITS: Image: Carla Ten Eyck // Via: Southern Weddings

Ask someone what foods they think of when they think of southern food, and someone will always mention biscuits. One of the first things Jacob gave me after we were engaged was one of his Nanny’s favorite cookbooks with a special tab on the whiskey biscuit recipe. He describes them as tender, flaky, buttery pieces of heaven. How cute would it be to host a biscuit bar for guests to top with their choice of homemade apple butter, sorghum syrup or wild plum jelly?

DIY Street Tacos

Wedding taco bar DIY

IMAGE CREDITS: Image: Ryan Bernal Photogrpahy // Via: Wedding Chicks

If Mexican food was a spirit animal it would be mine! Whenever we can’t decide on what to eat Jacob always knows my go-to is Mexican. I love the variety Mexican food offers. You can have tacos, enchiladas, tamales, chile rellenos, chalupas, burritos, chimichangas, fajitas, quesadillas…shall I go on? These dishes are relatively easy to prepare and offer guests a plethora of choices to use as toppings. Not to mention, they will have a wonderful time crafting their meal!

Whatever cuisine you choose, make sure it’s original to you and your groom. An important detail I learned quickly was not to become inundated with all the decisions needing to be made. This is a joyful time for you and your soon-to-be husband, so take time to enjoy every little decision because you will never get these memories back! Checkout my “Eat, Drink and Let’s Get Married” board on Pinterest for more creative wedding food ideas!

Until next time my darlings!

Wedding cuisine Pinterest board

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